Thanks for the mention, Redfin!

Recently Julia Weaver from Redfin published “What is Seattle known for? 22 Ways to Get to Know the Emerald City” and our tiny blog was featured.

““The neighborhood along Beach Drive features several marine parks that are easily accessible from Constellation, Commorant Cove, Emma Schmitz View Point to Lincoln Park,” says writer Rhonda Porter at The Beach Drive Blog. “Cormorant Cove has a beach where people launch kayaks and paddle boards and leave small treasures for others to find. It’s not unusual to see people lined up with their binoculars to watch Orcas from Emma Schmitz, and Lincoln Park is a jewel on its own with a saltwater swimming pool and trails to explore.”

Check out the rest of the article for the other 21 things to know about our beautiful city!


Beach Drive Blog is now on Twitter

First Facebook…and now Twitter.   

Twitter is pretty amazing…basically, you have 140 characters to say something and post it.  Each post (or "tweet") is posted on the web and actually becomes it's own url or web page.  

It's amazing how viral Twitter is.   Our plan so far with Twitter is to use it to promote posts, share things that might be too short & sweet for a post, and to "retweet" things of interest to our neighborhood.

If you have an account on Twitter (it's free) you can follow us at @beachdriveblog or go to

Here's our first message on Twitter, which we received before we did our first tweet.

We have a live feed on the side panel of the blog…still toying around with if I'm going to keep both feeds or not… stay tuned.

Beach Drive Blog and Social Media

I’m pretty involved with various forms of social media personally and professionally.  I really enjoy the information and connections it provides.  With my lil’ ol’ neighborhood blog, Beach Drive Blog, I’ve pretty much stuck with just the blog.

Last year I added “Ning” which provides the community forums linked above.  Recently Ning has announced on their blog that they are going to start charging for their site in the next 10 weeks.  They have not announced fees yet and if it’s nominal, I may keep the Ning site…so far Beach Drive Blog only cost my time and energy.  Once I have more information, I’ll let you know what changes (if any) will take place.

Yesterday I created a Facebook Page for Beach Drive Blog.  If you’re on Facebook, I invite you to join our page and be a fan “like” us.

What else is brewing for Beach Drive Blog?  I would still love to have more neighbors contributing to the blog.  You can be a BDB Reporter, Author or Photographer–just send me an email and let me know you’re interested.   The more people we have participating, the more interesting the blog will be.  Plus, I don’t know what’s going on all the time along the neighborhood that spans Beach Drive.

How many of you are on Twitter?  You may have noticed that I’ve added a Twitter feed on the right side of this blog.  Currently it’s showing Seattle tides and what ever West Seattle blog is tweeting.   I may add more information to this feed and perhaps create a Twitter profile for Beach Drive Blog…are any of you on Twitter?  (If so, follow me @mortgageporter).

UPDATE:  You can visit (and join or “like”) Beach Drive Blog on Facebook by going to

Happy 3rd Birthday to Beach Drive Blog!

Hard to believe that it was three years ago today that Beach Drive Blog was launched.  Just this past weekend I bumped into someone at my nephew-in-law's (boy that sounds funny) home who knew me from BDB.  It's such a small world!  He and I wound up being "Facebook Friends" and then noticed we had the mutual connection… social media and how much it can connect us, will never cease to amaze me.  

Our first blog post (910 articles ago) has a photo of Thelma, our white cat who left us about this time last year.  She's also in the banner for the blog.   What's interesting to me about the first post is that I still have the same overall goal or purpose for this blog: serving the community that exists along Beach Drive.

Part of my reasoning for starting this blog, in amidst all the others is that I would like to see our neighborhood have an active block watch or a way we can all communicate with each other.   This could serve as one of the functions of this blog.   It would also be interesting to share photos and events about our neighborhood and blog about the history of several of the homes in this area…kind of a "this old house".    This can also be a tool for networking, sharing recipes…we don't know what this could evolve to.   Your participation is welcome. 

And yes–your participation is very welcome and these days…NEEDED.   I have been pretty busy keeping up with my day job and other business related blogging activites.  I am not and will not abandone this blog–it's most near and dear to my heart.  

My vision for Beach Drive Blog has always been to have neighbors along this community being active reporters "covering their beat".   If you live in the Beach Drive neighborhood and are interested in being a contributing author, please let me know.   Instructions on "how to" write for this blog and what content would be appreciated is on the "how to" tab along the top of this site.  

I cannot thank you enough.  I enjoy writing this blog and getting to meet our neighbors.   I am humbled to have ANY readers (I subscribed my husband so I would have at least one).   Thank you for sending in your stories, photos and being active in our community in West Seattle.  

Thank you and happy birthday, Beach Drive Blog!


Wanted: YOU

Beach Drive Blog is looking for needs neighborhood writers and photographers.   I've been passionately plugging away at the blog for almost three years (we actually have a "blogoversary coming up soon) but with all the changes in my "full time job", I've been running out of day to give BDB the time and attention it so deserves.

This is where Beach Drive Blog could use your help.  If you live in the Beach Drive Neighborhood of West Seattle and would like to be a contributor, please let me know.   It would be great to have "reporters" covering the entire stretch of Beach Drive with articles you've written or your photographs.    

If you're interested or have any questions, please let me know and I'll fill you in on the details.   The more contributors we have at BDB, the more vibrant and rich this blog will be for our community.


Another Plucked Duck

We witnessed three ducks being plucked from the Puget Sound this morning by three different Bald Eagles.  


How to Report a Hot Tip or Story Idea — Contact Me!

A neighbor mentioned to me that it can be challenging to easily find my contact info on Beach Drive Blog–we don’t want that!   Therefore, thanks to her tip, I’ve added to the upper left corner, my email information.   

The more Beach Drive neighbors participate with the blog, the better it will be for all.    Here’s just a few examples of what you can email to us:

  • Photos of local events, wildlife, etc.
  • Missing or found pets
  • Garage, Yard Sales or free stuff
  • Your opinions of things that impact our neighborhoods
  • Restaurant reviews

Just scroll down the Categories section (to the right) and you’ll get an idea of what we’re looking for!

Simply email me and I’ll post it for you.   You can be anonomous (submitted by a Beach Drive Neighbor) or get credit for your content (thanks to Jane Doe for this photo)…please let me know.

While I’ve made it easier for you to contact me, you can also network with me at the following places:


Linked In


Beach Drive Blog’s 500th Post

I won’t announce every time we reach a certain post…but this is a significant milestone in the life of a blog.   Thanks again for everyone who reads, comments, lurks, sends photos and contributes to Beach Drive Blog by writing articles.

I’m always looking for Beach Drive neighbors who would like write about whatever is going on in your neighborhood along Beach Drive.  The more active writers we have, the richer the content will be…and hey, as much as I love doing this…I certainly can’t do it all!  (I do have a "real job" and a family to raise, too).

So I’m using this milestone as an opportunity to do a "shout out" the our neighbors–if you live in the neighborhood and would like to write for the blog–please let me know.

Here are some great examples of past posts from Beach Drive neighbors:

Chuckless Cheese by Steve

Community Yard Sale by Susan

Beach Drive’s Little Italy – LaRustica Restaurant by Natalie

There’s plenty to write about and we need you!  Writing a "post" for a blog is just as easy a sending a friend an email.  I promise! 

Happy 1st Birthday Beach Drive Blog

It’s amazing how quickly time goes by.   One year ago today, I decided to start a blog specific to our neighborhood…not quite sure where it would go.   In addition to this blog, I also write for my "work" blog: Mortgage Porter and for a Seattle real estate blog:  Rain City Guide.   Beach Drive Blog is kind of like a vacation for me.   It’s fun to do–it’s a nice break in my day.

Beach Drive Blog has over 450 posts that have created 200 comments from readers.  We have had a couple of guest authors over the past year who I’d like to thank including Natalie, Steve and Susan D.   Suky and Larry have provided great tips of info and Linda and Ron have provided wonderful photos.   BDB welcomes your photos, tips and neighborhood authors!

I still would love to have more contributors so we can represent the entire stretch of Beach Drive.    Don’t be shy!   Writing a post for a blog is no more difficult than sending an email to a friend.

Recent additions include a Beach Drive Wildlife Album on the left side of the column.   I probably most enjoy taking pictures for the blog and re-connecting lost pets to their humans.

I’m looking forward to our next blogo-versary!   And welcome your continued participation to BDB…including writing, suggesting and submitting photos.   It’s all good!

Read other Blog’s in West Seattle

West Seattle Blog recently added a blog feed reader to their site.   Whenever a blog in West Seattle (that’s on WSB’s list) creates a new post, it will show up under their Blog tab at West Seattle Blog.   

It’s fun to visit and you the topics vary quite a bit.   Enjoy!