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Anyone who has been to dinner at the ELLIOT BAY BREW PUB knows that it can be the closest thing to Chuck E Cheese in West Seattle 🙂   BUT in a strange anomaly, instead of the kids dragging the parents, it’s the other way around??? It goes something like this… "I sure would love a great BEER hmm and a hunk of meat to go with it? but we have the kids??? EUREKA, the light bulb has just turned on, THE BEAR FOUND THE HONEY". I kid the Bay! In all fairness this place has carved out a niche and is kicking some major $$@.

But I digress, I am here to talk about lunch! Lunch at the BAY is quiet, tranquil, etc… Grab a paper, get that booth you always wanted and get ready to enjoy… They have great burgers! good fries, and if you’d like a tasty salad instead of those nasty carbs… buck and seventy five, DONE! There are allot of other great things on the menu, some of my favorites are the Ahi Tuna Sandwich and the Greek Gyro but the bread and butter, it’s the BURG’s.

This is straight up pub grub done well.  The $$$ are on par with most pubs; not cheap but fair. STEVE says……. 3 and a half LUNCHBOXES! out of five.   


Note:  Elliott Bay Brew Pub is located at 4720 California Avenue S.W., Seattle.   Ph: 206-932-8695.

Steve’s Lunchbox Rating:

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  1. I love the Ahi sandwich! And, since the smoking ban and my last pool game up top, I have noticed a family influx. It is welcome in any neighborhood! If we are in a community that supports each other– families must be involved.
    I like the tuna with no aoli (it’s kind’a a maoynaise to me), I sub the balsalmic on the side. The Brew Pup @ the junction is still the spot I take Mom when she visits.
    It’s close, It’s a 4 to me.

  2. Elliot Bay Brew Pub just received nods from Seattle Metropolitan Magazine’s July issue as the best place to have a beer in West Seattle.

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