Windsurfing the Storm

A veteran of 24 years of windsurfing and years on the Gorge, Jeff Beck, Seattle professional photographer, windsurfs in the storm of October 18, 2007, off of Lowman Beach Park.  The wind was powerful, and Jeff snapped a boom while sailing.  Jeffbeck11_2

Photograph by neighborhood windsurfer, Ron Sterling, who lives on the south border of Lowman Beach Park.   Ron says "I’m not up the level of windsurfing that 40 mph winds require, but you will see me off Lowman Beach Park just about any day the winds are above 12 mph and below 30. I’ve been at it for two and one-half years."

See picture below of Ron Sterling on a recent 18 mph day off Lowman Beach Park.


Editors note:  Thanks to Ron Sterling for sharing his photos and stories with Beach Drive Blog readers.   I look forward to his future contributions.   

If you would like to contribute in your neighborhood blog, please contact me.

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