Bald Eagle rescued from fishing line near Lowman Beach

This photo and report is compliments of Lezlie Jane. She shared on FB last night, “a stunning eagle was so tangled up in fishing line this morning it couldn’t fly. John, a Falconer, came from Kent to rescue the eagle. It was able to fly away. Careful with those fishing lines.”

Thank you, Lezlie for allowing us to share this great story!

Eagle perched at Villa and Beach Drive

eagle on telephone pole
Photo credit: Janine Welty

I wonder if this eagle was making sure folks were picking up after their dogs at Emma Schmitz Memorial View Point? Thanks to Janine for sending this picture to us!

Young Eagle or Osprey?


This camouflaged raptor was hanging out on a rock below Emma Schmitz Park. 


Photo credit: Scupper