Delta Marine Mega Yacht “Delta 45”

Right now Delta Marine has a mega yacht cruising around our “back yards” off the shores of Beach Drive.

There are not a lot of details about this yacht via Marine Traffic. I can tell you she is a whopping 210 feet long and 29.5 feet wide.

Maybe she belongs to the owners of the 11,000 square foot mansion that’s being built on the 6000 block of Beach Drive.


Delta Marine Superyacht Invictus cruising off the shores of Beach Drive

It’s hard to miss this 215 foot yacht, even through tonight’s misty Puget Sound waters.

Delta Marine Invictus



Delta Marine’s project name for this superyacht is “Invictus”, check out more information here.

Luxury Super Yacht Arianna cruising off the shores of Beach Drive


This from Super Yacht Times:

“Delta has launched its latest custom superyacht, Arianna. Designed and engineered by the Delta Design Group, Arianna is the largest all composite 50-meter, full-displacement motor yacht in the world. With more than 780 gross tons ITC, a beam of nearly 34 feet, and over 7,500 square feet of living area Arianna has more interior volume than any other yacht her length. Built to travel and explore, Arianna is capable of transoceanic cruising with fortitude and grace.”

Delta Marine is the same builder of the Laurel.  Order your super yacht today!

Laurel, one of the largest yachts in the world is crusing by

Laurel is the 46th largest yacht in the world and we just spied her cruising north through Puget Sound waters.   In fact, she is the largest yacht built in America (Washington state; launched from Westport) in 75 years at 240 feet.Dsc_0041

According to this article from the Seattle PI, the Pacific Northwest is a “mega yacht hub”.

“Seattle boasts the country’s second-largest number of yacht club members after New York and is home to wealthy enthusiasts from Microsoft Corp. co-founder Paul Allen to cell phone entrepreneur Craig McCaw. Don’t look for the new superyachts at the Seattle Yacht Club, however. These boats are too big to fit into the slips.”

She is magnificent!