UPDATED: Derelict Boat drifting off Beach Drive

Around 3:30 this afternoon, we called the Coastguard when it appeared a boat was adrift. From our view point, we could not see if there was anyone on board. The Coastguard asked if we could send them a photo to help identify the boat (picture is above).

The intrepid reporter, Scupper and I hopped into our car to see if we could get a better vantage point of the boat. We called the Coastguard once we noticed that there was a person on-board (on the dinghy) and that the boat was getting dangerously close to Harbor West Condominiums.

 The disabled cabin cruiser was pinned against the pilings of Harbor West Condos. The Coastguard confirmed with us that he is out of immediate danger as the boat seemed secured, and that they’re leaving.

A big turnout from both the Seattle Police and Seattle Fire Departments.

The boat was able to get free of the condo’s pilings and began to drift towards the reef just as the SPD and SFD boats arrived.

It appeared as though the boater did not want any help. He was in his dinghy pulling the boat away from the SPD and SFD just missing the reef by inches.

Seattle Fire Department was able to secure the boat and the boat operator.

Update: the boat is slowly being towed. We are wondering where it will end up.

Update 6:09 pm.

We are at Don Armeni boat launch where the Seattle Fire Department appear to be preparing to dock the boat.

Update 6:31pm

The boat is now secured at Don Armeni boat ramp.

Scupper assisted with helping to secure the boat to the dock.

The inhabitant on the boat stayed below deck while Scupper was assisting the fire and rescue crew.  

It’s Scupper’s opinion that this boat has not been under it’s own power for some time and his dinghy is used to maneuver the boat. It appears to be a derelict live-aboard boat.

It will be interesting to see what happens next. Obviously the boat cannot stay at Don Armeni tied to the boat ramp.

The Department of Natural Resources has a program for derelict boats but it appears that this man does not want to give up this boat/home.

EDITORS NOTE: This was a “live” post that was mostly done from my cell phone. My apologies for any typo’s I didn’t catch! We also have videos posted at www.facebook.com/beachdriveblog

Possible Toxic Sound by Harbor West Condos

Earlier today one of our readers gave us a heads up of a possible sewage leak by the Harbor West Condos. The beach at Cormorant Cove is closed.

If this is indeed a sewage leak from the Harbor West Condos…it wouldn’t be the first time.

Sunday update on the wrecked Trimaran

 Just a few photos to provide an update this morning on the state of the trimaran which is tied up by the Harbor West Condos. A small debris field is next to the boat and it appears very little debris is in the park.

tri feb17c
Tri feb17b
tri feb17

No swimming or wading allowed at Cormorant Cove Park

 Yesterday the Seattle Public Utilities posted a sign by Cormorant Cove Park off of Beach Drive warning the public to not swim nor wade in the Puget Sound waters.

no wading

This happens to be near where the trimaran and power boat wrecked by the Harbor West Condominiums. However it is our understanding that the officials were originally called out for a possible sewage leakage from the condominiums and not for the situation with the boats.

tri fuel spill

Stay tuned.

Update on the troubled trimaran

Scupper went back to check on the “Skipper” of the two sunken boats by Harbor West Condos off Beach Drive and took these photos along with an update (probably our last…for tonight at least) of this situation.  

A West Seattle neighbor and his friends from Port Angeles decided to help the Skipper with clean up this evening and to try to salvage what ever can be of the Skippers belongings. 

tri evening

It’s our understanding that the Harbor West Condos hired a company to have the boats property tied off to protect the condo owners and the building. The mast is now safely down.

tri mast

The Skipper is not certain when the salvage company will be out to remove the remains of the boats.

tri kirkland

Sunken Trimaran Updates

EDITORS NOTE: We will be updating this post throughout today. Scroll to the bottom for the most recent information. Our earlier coverage can be found here and begins here.  

Scupper visited the sunken trimaran this morning.

Scupper reports that the trimaran and the power boat used to tow the trimaran from Shilshoe Marina, have both sunk.

IMG 1457

A police man is on the scene and is talking to the “Skipper” about involving the Coast Guard. The Skipper insists that the CG is aware of the situation.  West Seattle Blog reports that the Coast Gaurd has referred the Skipper to a towing company which would cost money the Skipper does not have. 

IMG 1453

We are currently at high tide: 11.24 ft at 8:40 am this morning. Low tide is 1.86 at 3:30 this afternoon.  

Mother Nature is no longer cooperating. We have a small craft advisory in effect with south wind waves of 2 to 4 feet.

UPDATE 9:30 AM.  Someone from the City of Seattle is on the scene to assess and manage the fuel spill from the sunken boats.

tri fuel spill
tri power boat
tri debris

UPDATE 9:55 AM. Here is a photo of the “patch” that the Skipper says blew out from waves crashing through the exposed hatches on top of the pontoons.

tri patch

UPDATE 10:17 AM: Here is West Seattle Herald’s coverage of the sunken boats by Harbor West Condos.

UPDATE: 11:20 AM:  West Seattle Blog reports the a salvage vessel is getting ready to tow the boat. We wonder if they’re going to take the smaller boat that appears to be leaking fuel. It’s hard to imagine the trimaran being towed in it’s condition.

UPDATE 11:40 AM: Scupper is back on the scene and sending these photos back to BDB HQ of the sunken boats off Beach Drive. Scupper states he does not currently see any tow or salvage type boats on site to help remove the trimaran or power boat. According to Michelle, who has been kindly helping the Skipper, the salvage boats refused to take the boats as the ground team had already drained the fuel off the boat.

tri skipper
tri gas tank removed

A crew is on site on remove the fuel from the power boat.

Scupper says the sound of the pontoon separating from the trimaran was incredible.

tri pontoon tore off

Here’s a view from the pilings under Harbor West Condominiums off Beach Drive.

tri harbor west p2

UPDATE 1:39 PM – a few more photos compliments of “Scupper” of the sunken boats off Beach Drive.

tri pontoon 2
tri pontoon

The Tri is “high and dry”

 Last night we reported on the sail boat (technically a tri-moran) that was taking on water off the shores of Emma Schmitz View Point. At the time, the captain was certain everything was under control. 

It appears the very same boat, sofa and all, sunk off in the Puget Sound waters by Harbor Crest Condos. 

tri 3
View from Harbor West  Condos

West Seattle Blog reports the tri is waiting for high tide and the Coast Guard to remove it from this shore.


Even the smaller boat that was appearing to assist the tri last night is beached.

tri 1

Updated 2/14/13 7:00PM

Scupper here, spoke to the skipper about what happened during last night’s tow from Emma Schmitz View Point as well as his future plans to “right the ship”.  He explained that he made it to about Fauntleroy when his battery died on his run-about tug due to leaving the running lights on while beached. By the time he changed batteries out, the current pushed him back to the condo’s. 

Skip is hoping to make some fiberglass repairs over the next couple of days (at low tide) and then move on towards his Tacoma birth. 

IMG 1438
Cracks in fiberglass needing repair. Also newer cracks in pontoons from last beaching.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the weather stays as calm as forecasted through Friday. Saturday is posed to be blowing 15 to 25 knots from the SW with waves building from 2 to 4 feet. It could be treacherous to both life and craft if he gets delayed & sets off on Saturday.

IMG 1441

Update 2/15/13 8:00AM (High tide)

Appears that the skip has everything tied off and under control. 

IMG 1445
IMG 1446
Tied off to the bulkhead
IMG 1444
Starboard pontoon/barcalounger underwater 

Update 2/15/13 3:00PM (Low tide)

Skipper making repairs with plywood/screws and duct tape in effort to float the boat on high tide tomorrow morning

IMG 1447