Happy 3rd Birthday to Beach Drive Blog!

Hard to believe that it was three years ago today that Beach Drive Blog was launched.  Just this past weekend I bumped into someone at my nephew-in-law's (boy that sounds funny) home who knew me from BDB.  It's such a small world!  He and I wound up being "Facebook Friends" and then noticed we had the mutual connection… social media and how much it can connect us, will never cease to amaze me.  

Our first blog post (910 articles ago) has a photo of Thelma, our white cat who left us about this time last year.  She's also in the banner for the blog.   What's interesting to me about the first post is that I still have the same overall goal or purpose for this blog: serving the community that exists along Beach Drive.

Part of my reasoning for starting this blog, in amidst all the others is that I would like to see our neighborhood have an active block watch or a way we can all communicate with each other.   This could serve as one of the functions of this blog.   It would also be interesting to share photos and events about our neighborhood and blog about the history of several of the homes in this area…kind of a "this old house".    This can also be a tool for networking, sharing recipes…we don't know what this could evolve to.   Your participation is welcome. 

And yes–your participation is very welcome and these days…NEEDED.   I have been pretty busy keeping up with my day job and other business related blogging activites.  I am not and will not abandone this blog–it's most near and dear to my heart.  

My vision for Beach Drive Blog has always been to have neighbors along this community being active reporters "covering their beat".   If you live in the Beach Drive neighborhood and are interested in being a contributing author, please let me know.   Instructions on "how to" write for this blog and what content would be appreciated is on the "how to" tab along the top of this site.  

I cannot thank you enough.  I enjoy writing this blog and getting to meet our neighbors.   I am humbled to have ANY readers (I subscribed my husband so I would have at least one).   Thank you for sending in your stories, photos and being active in our community in West Seattle.  

Thank you and happy birthday, Beach Drive Blog!


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