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On my morning walk with Cat Woman, we saw an otter on a rock at Emma Schmitz Max_2006 Park.   So please pardon my Otter pun.    She asked me an excellent question, which I’m sure other BDB readers would like to have answered:   How do you write a post for Beach Drive Blog?   

Last month Bob provided tips on writing a blog…he forgot to mention how to process of posting of blog works.

This is how it works (you can click on the photos to get a larger image):

1.)   Send me an email letting me know that you’re interested in writing for Beach Drive Blog.

Typepad_invite_22.)   You will receive an email from Typepad with the subject line stating Rhonda Porter has invited you to join Beach Drive Blog.   Once you open your email, it will look something like this (you would be “Ima Writer”). Accept_2

3.)  Click accept or decline this inviation (underlined in blue).   You will be prompted to the next screen where you will be forced to make a decision:  accept or decline

Bdblogin_2 5.)  You will then be forwarded to a page where you can begin your first post!  Or, you can always visit and use your login name and password to enter a post at a later date.

4.)  If you all ready have a Typepad account, sign in!  If not, you can register for free.   You will create your Member Name,  Password, email address and birthday.    At the bottom of the page, you will  need to check the box saying you agree with the Typepad Terms.

Composing your first post.   

Hey…you got this far…

this is the super easy part….

Bdbnewpost In the title section, you enter the title to your post (what you would like to name your article).    Next, in the light blue post body section, write your post.   Remember, Bob gave you tips just a few weeks ago and how to write a post (just like writing an email to a friend).   In the green section (it’s not showing on this photo, sorry), under the posting status, you can click preview (shows your work in progress) or save.   I really recommend saving as you go along.   You can always make changes after you save.

As an Official Contributing Author to Beach Drive Blog, you can email me photos if you wish to have them included in a post.   

Your post will show up listed along with the other post on the admin. (me) side.   I will publish it as soon as I have a chance to.   (I try to publish posts as soon as possible).

You may want to send me an email to notify me of your new post!   We’re approaching 100 post on Beach Drive Blog so there’s quite a few to go through. 

I’m really looking forward to more participation.   My only prerequisite is that you are a Beach Drive Neighbor (living on Beach Drive or one of the side streets).   You can see how fun it was to read Natalie’s first contribution to Beach Drive Blog and the more authors we have, the more interesting this blog will be.     Please contact me with any questions.

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