It’s a drone… it’s a plane… it’s a motorized parasail?

Beach Drive neighbors were surprised this afternoon by an aircraft buzzing off the low tide near their homes.
It’s not unusual to have drones buzz by homes… I can’t recall seeing anything quite like this before.

Could this be a new way to commute with the West Seattle bridge being out of commission? Hmmmm….

No joke, the special pup in this clip is a flat-coated retriever named “Jett”.  🙂  Thanks to his human for sharing this and allowing us to publish the video as well to our other neighbors who also offered up video to share.

Extreme Low Tides this Week

We have some extreme low tides predicted for Thursday at minus 3.88 at 12:10 pm. Today’s low tide was a minus 2.29 when I took this photo around 10:40 this morning. Friday is also set to have a very low tide… just shy of Thursday’s low at 3.86 around 12:57 pm.

This coincides with the super blood moon and lunar eclipse which will take place tonight (or technically early Wednesday morning). It may be unlikely we’ll be able to view this lunar event from Seattle with the potential cloudy skies…we can dream!

Another viewpoint on the Beach Drive Stay Healthy Street

Recently we received Councilmember Lisa Herbold’s newsletter addressing the potential permanent closure to the stretch of road along Alki Point. It has been roughly one year since the streets along Alki point have been closed.

From her newsletter:

“The vast majority of people contacting me are very interested in making the Alki Keep it Moving Street a permanent “Stay Healthy Street” which would result in roads being closed to through traffic. Neighbors have surveyed users of the Keep it Moving Street over the last few months. You can see some of their results in the graph below.

Honestly I find it hard to believe that there was zero opposition to the survey that was done by the neighbors who will benefit from the street being closed to traffic. Just check out the comments on West Seattle Blog’s post and you’ll read from people who are not in favor of the permanent closure. There is no viable place for parking should one need or want to drive to visit the park with parking already limited in surrounding neighborhoods. This seems to benefit those who live closest to the closed street along Alki point and is a disadvantage to those who rely on transportation to go to Constellation Park or Alki Light House.

We live on Beach Drive south of the proposed permanent stay healthy street. We’ve walked our dog along that stretch of park for the past 8 years nearly every day. Through the past year, it has been nice to be able to stay 6’ away from others while walking this stretch during the pandemic. But now, vaccinations have put people back onto the several sidewalks that line the stretch. The street appears to have served it’s purpose and is now reaching historical normalcy.

Over the years, we have spoken to several neighbors along that stretch of Constellation Park and sympathize with them over the car clubs that inhabit the parking strip along the park, crank their tunes, leave garbage behind & rev their engines. Being in close proximity to Alki point is a very well known risk to living there.

It’s our opinion that that this Summer phenomenon is not the 100% reason this neighborhood has rallied together in effort close the street off permanently to these street racing enthusiasts. Problem is, we’re starting to inherit these enthusiasts along Emma Schmitz Memorial Overlook about a half mile south. The park has just received an overhaul with additional lower sidewalks that mirror the physical layout of the Alki Keep it moving site along Constellation Park. As soon as the temporary fencing is pulled out of the newly constructed seawall section of Emma Schmitz Memorial, the neighbors along this stretch fully expect to have the same issues our neighbors to the north have experienced for the last 5 or so years.

Moving a problem is not a good solution. The vaccination efforts are working to restore the stretch along Constellation Park to it’s prior status as a public thoroughfare near busy Alki Beach. Perhaps consistent traffic/parking enforcement is the answer.

Exta low tide off Emma Schmitz Viewpoint

This pic was taken pretty close to 1:18 pm today with a predicted low tide of -2.98.

New Crosswalk as fresh as a Spring Day

We finally have a crosswalk at Beach Drive and Jacobsen!

Isn’t it simply gorgeous?

NOW… we just need to have a crosswalk installed north of this one to connect Me Kwa Mooks and Emma Schmitz Parks. It  is so challenging for people to cross Beach Drive at that point where there is low visibility with the curvy road and heavy traffic of (often speeding vehicles) and bikes.

Motorist dies near Me Kwa Mooks and Beach Drive

This afternoon a motorcyclist died in an accident near Me Kwa Mooks park and Beach Drive. We’re told that this section of Beach Drive may be closed for a couple more hours.

West Seattle Blog has more coverage here.

We’re so sorry for this person’s family and friends.

We do not know of any other details at this time.

KIRO’s coverage

Update: April 4, 2021

The motorist who passed away has been identified as Keith Adams. We are so sad for his family and friends. This is from the Kirkland Firefighter’s post on Facebook:



Happy Snowy Valentines Day

Posing by the Blue Glass House – Happy Valentines Day!
Giggling kids were playing and sledding along side streets.

Looking south from Emma Schmitz Viewpoint, there is a small snowman on a bulkhead.

View from Constellation Park.And how about this awesome snowman igloo?

Caramel Crow spied in Alki

While walking our dog this morning by Bar S park, our intrepid reporter Scupper, spied a rare caramel crow.

A week earlier, he met a bird watcher who was admiring this special crow.

Pretty cool!

Trespasser on Bulkhead

Earlier today a neighbor reported a man on their bulkhead who appeared to be looking into other Beach Drive homes from the bulkhead.

When approached he said he was just looking at the water however, he was checking out nearby homes. When he was informed he was on private property, he left.

His picture was shown to the construction crew at nearby Emma Schmitz Viewpoint and they thought he looked like a person who had broke into a subcontractors truck, stealing a gun and wallet.

This person is described as wearing a navy blue Mariner’s sweatshirt with a hoody, black sweatpants tucked into white socks. Rough 40-ish, white with graying dreadlock type hair and smoking a cigarette.

Missing Dock

This just in from a Beach Drive neighbor:

During the big windstorm two nights ago a neighborhood floating sea life dock broke loose and floated away. My husband has walked up and down Beach Drive looking for it, to no avail.

It’s approximately 8×8 and has the letters “ADM C” on it.

Please comment if you have seen this and we’ll connect you with the owners.

Thanks, Neighbors!