The Vashon Hum: Do You Hear It?

Almost every night, when I'm settling into bed and the house is quiet, I hear a very low grade hum.  My husband doesn't hear it.  Sometimes I've wondered if it's a tug boat or large ship going by, but often times I don't see anything cruising in the sound…making me wonder if it's a sub lurking about.

I was beginning to think it was just me…until I read an article in the Seattle PI about "The Vashon Hum".  Now I'm wondering if any of my Beach Drive neighbors are hearing a hum too?


  1. Pam Schwartz says

    I heard it last night. I thought I was going crazy as I couldn’t find anything around our house where the noise was coming from. I then thought it was from a boat passing but when I heard it early this morning, I knew it was something else.

  2. Hi Pam, I’ve lived in this area of West Seattle for over 5 years and I don’t recall always hearing this.

  3. Beach House says

    We live on Beach Drive and often times we have heard the low hum sound, primarily in the middle of the night; it sounds much like a tug boat.

  4. Elaine Alhadeff says

    Hahahah…this so makes me laugh. Same story as your’s, Rhonda. My husband has been telling me for years that he hears this humming noise at night when it’s quiet and we are settling down to sleep. i kept telling him he was crazy and then one night, I heard it too. Now I hear it all the time and I go to my window expecting to see a large ship going by, but there’s nothing! Hmmm…

  5. Neighbors are talking about this “on the street” too… many are like me–releived to know there’s not something wrong with our ears!

    But I wonder what’s causing the hmmmmm?

  6. Hi Rhonda; The Hum is called the Microwave Auditory Effect. It can be researched thru the IEEE and ICNIRP. It is a side effect of all the non-ionizing radiation of all the new wireless technology.
    The pulsed electromagentics are percieved by the cochleas of the inner ear.
    Believe it or not the non-ionizing radiation is actually going thru everyones brains wether you hear it or not, whether you use a cellphone or not.
    Some think it’s a special spritual connection, it’s not.

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