UPDATE: FOUND!!! Missing Cat: Have you seen Quentin?

Great news! Quentin is back home.
Quentin has been missing from his home on Beach Drive since yesterday afternoon (8/23/21).  He is an orange tabby, sleek and muscular. He does not have a collar but he is chipped.


Winston the Bronking Bull

Winston, a French Bull Dog, who lives on Beach Drive is all ready for Halloween.


Please feel free to send us your photos of your costumed Beach Drive pet or haunted Beach Drive home – we’d love to share them here!


UPDATE: Great news!! The pugs owner has been located! This happy event calls for a little song.

Thanks to all of the neighbors who helped reunite the pugs with their humans!

A black and fawn Pug have just been found wandering along Beach Drive just north of Jacobson.  A neighbor is caring for them hoping their owners are able to pick them up soon.

If you are missing your pups (they appear to be 2 years or younger) please let us know!

Tazi – Beach Drive Blog’s Pet of the Week


Tazi is a Basenji, the barkless dog, and is the most ancient breed (per Wikipedia). They evolved from wolves and like wolves they rarely make noise as their vocal cords are different from a typical dog.  They can bark but rarely do.  They can run up to 35 miles an hour, one of the fastest of all breeds and Tazi loves to run!  He runs 3 miles a day with his human, Sandi.

You've probably seen him with Pat and Sandi perched from the front porch overlooking Beach Drive.