She’s NOT Loony!

This comment was just added from BDB Neighbor, Suky.   I don’t want it to get lost in the comment section of the last post, so here is Suky’s question for our readers:

"Has anyone else heard loons recently? (I’m serious). This is a first for me after 21 years of living here. I heard that distinctive sound yesterday and immediately went to an online audio bird call site to confirm what it was. Heard it again this morning at dawn. And I could have sworn I saw a pair bobbing around companionably off Emma Schmitz Viewpoint at about 5:00 pm. But I’m no ornithologist, so I’m hoping for confirmation. Many thanks for any enlightenment!"


  1. michael says

    I’ve also heard them along Beach Drive. Although I’ve lived on Beach for over 10 years, the first time I heard them was last year. Theirs is such a hauntingly lovely call I hope that they become residents in the area.

  2. Michael, thank you for the confirmation. With luck this pair has staked out local territory for their breeding ground, and in the summer we’ll see chicks riding along on their parents’ backs!

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