5th of July Hangover

This morning my husband, also known as Scupper on BDB, and I decided to grab a big garbage bag to pick up debris from fireworks that took place at Emma Schmitz last night. I was surprised to see just how much was left behind.


One of last night’s partiers forgot an unopened can of beer in the tall grass.


Twas a perfect night for launching Chinese lanterns

 Spotted this couple lighting off lanterns in a light easterly wind at 10:30 tonight

IMG 1449
IMG 1450


Sailboat taking on water near Mee-Kwa-Mooks Park

 An older model tri-moran has nearly beached itself for repairs off off Beach Drive…

IMG 1420

The captain mentioned that it is NOT an emergency and was hoping to score an extra bilge pump to rid the water. He later explained that the leak was from the area of the auxiliary motor well and will probably need to beach the boat on a sandy bar for patching the leak. He went on to say “good thing for the extra two pontoons!”.

IMG 1422

At least the weather is calm (for now) and it’s not pouring on his furniture! Tip of the hat to our good neighbor Michelle for the heads up.

Scupper reporting for beach Drive Blog

UPDATE 2/14/2013: West Seattle Blog reports the boat sank by Harbor West Condos.


Happening Now off Emma Schmitz View Point

A group of students from the University of Washington are gathering at Emma Schmitz preparing to check out tonight’s low tide for a biology class.  Tonight’s chilly low tide will be a -2.81 at 9:41 pm.

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