Another Tear Down on Beach Drive

This 107 year old home located at 4022 Beach Drive Southwest will soon be demolished. Two duplexes are scheduled to be built on this lot across the street from Weather Watch Park.

Beach Drive Home to be Demolished

This home on the 4700 block of Beach Drive is set to be demolished early next week to make way for a new single unit dwelling.
We actually sold the home to the current owner knowing it would be torn down. The home has been added on over the years and has some issues that are beyond reasonable repair. While in our ownership, the home was a short-term rental that we named “Beach Drive Bungalow” that enjoyed hosting people from West Seattle to all over the world.

The home was originally built in 1926 and looks completely different from the home it is today. As the story goes, the home was built by a sea captain to live in while building the neighboring home to the north.
The home continued to be modified over the years.
We enjoyed the few years we were able to share the home as a vacation rental with others. If not for the Seattle City Council no longer allowing waterfront homes to be short term rentals (as a way to help affordable housing?) we would probably still have the home as a vacation rental. The home held family reunions, birthday celebrations and even a beautiful wedding ceremony at the bulkhead.

Thanks for the memories, Beach Drive Bungalow!