High Tides at Weather Watch and more

Our intrepid reporter Scupper Sr (aka my husband) has been taking photos of local parks during the high tides. 

weather watch
Weather Watch Park

We’ve been keeping a close eye on the tides and strong winds as our property can flood. If we are preparing for flooding, we do our best to issue a “Barking Dog Report”.  This is a term my husband has “fondly” used to describe yours truly when I’m running around the house, worried about pending trouble – such as flooding. Just like your neighbors barking dog, it’s hopefully much ado about nothing… but you never know!

constellation park 2
Constellation Park 

With the recent redesign of Beach Drive Blog, please be sure to check out the “Swell Links” to the left, which features information about pending weather and tides.  And be sure to follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/beachdriveblog. If we wind up losing power and not able to post info on the blog, you may find more info on Twitter.

Be prepared, stay warm!  Let’s hope we’re not issuing any “barking dog reports” over this holiday weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Me Kwa Mooks Illuminated at Night

Lights at West Seattle's Me Kwa Mooks

Photo compliments of Patrick Robinson of West Seattle Herald

Lights installed at Me Kwa Mooks/Emma Schmitz Park

Lights have been installed to help improve safety at Emma Schmitz/Me Kwa Mooks Park. This will help illuminate the lower park along the water which has very little visibility from the street.  The lights have been added to existing light poles.



photo on left is before the additional light was added


This is the area where Greggette Guy may have been murdered earlier this year.  


Many Beach Drive neighbors and others who typically walk this area are familiar with seeing grafiti and other crimes take place in this section of the park.  


Let's hope shedding some light in this secluded area helps to make this park a safer place for all.


The addition of lights to this area of Beach Drive is one of the recommendations from the community safety walk that took place at the beginning of this month. Hat tip to Tazi's human for sharing this tip with us.