SPD warns of increase in street robberies

 We just received a newsletter warning of increases street robberies around the south precinct. 

We have noted an increase in strong armed robberies in the South Precinct area in the past several weeks. These robberies have been in the form of necklaces being grabbed from around the victims’ neck, purse snatches, and cell phones being snatched out of victims’ hands.
In most incidents, the crime victims describe a lone male suspect, however we have incidents involving two or more male suspects and another involving one male and one female as the robbers. Based on the witness and victim descriptions, there may be several different suspects committing these robberies. The robberies have occurred most often in the afternoon-evening hours. In most cases, the robbery victim was alone or had appeared to be alone.
The victims of these crimes have noted that the suspects had either been following them or had been observing them for a short time before committing the robbery. One victim noted a suspect following her in and out of several stores. She got nervous and left one store, which is when the robber struck. Other witnesses have noted that the suspects appeared to be waiting and watching for potential victims.

You can read the Seattle Police Department community newsletter here, which includes safety tips.

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Seattle police increasing their presence along Beach Drive SW

By land and by sea, Seattle police are keeping their word regarding increased visibility along the Emma Schmitz Memorial Park.  This cruiser was spotted off the park Monday afternoon…


Is this show of force making you feel safer? According to Captain Paulsen of the SPD during his report to concerned residents on March 20, he stated:

One of the things I have done is thrown some extra patrol cars down in the area, it’s not so much going to catch somebody or anything, but … this type of crime causes a lot of fear and we want to subside that fear by having this presence down there for you all. … Trying to think what else I’d like to say in regards to that. (watch video on West Seattle Blog

According to many of the neighbors within a stones throw of Emma Schmitz, shedding some light on the park would help the nerves a whole lot more.  A little digging has uncovered a successful attempt to light up a nearby park just north named Cormorant Cove (just so happens that Greggettes body was recovered at this park).


When asking Seattle City Light what needs to happen to get the same treatment for Emma Schmitz, a representative responded…

The flood light on the pole by Cormorant Cove Park is being paid for by HARBOR WEST CONDO HOA which is the condominiums right next door. The light is actually angled toward the condo's although it is illuminating the park area too. If you'd like a flood light at Emma Schmitz Park my advice is to contact and get approval from Sea. Parks & Recreation at (206)684-4075. The monthly fee for a 400 W flood is $17.64. 

Well, I can tell you that this particular light is squarely focused on the park. There's another light on the pole just to the south that illuminates the condos parking lot. Less than $20 bucks a month?… I'll bet 2 months of park lighting that other Beach Drive neighbors would kick into a fund for lighting the lower section of Emma Schmitz for years to come. 

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