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Thelmasunset_2Our family moved to Beach Drive almost two years ago and we love it.   Our last home was in the North Admiral district of West Seattle…which is a great neighborhood, too.  There is a difference between the two that I’ve noticed. 

In North Admiral, you can walk to anything…Metropolitan Market, several great restaurants such as Circa, Angelina’s Tratoria, The Mission or catch a flick at the Admiral Theater.  It’s a very walking fiendly place to live. 

Living on Beach Drive, we’ve gotten to know our neighbors more than we ever thought we would.   Starting in late spring, you’ll notice neighbors appearing in their “back yards” leaning their heads over deck asking “What are you up to?” or “What’s on the grill?”  Beach Drive is very social.    (North Admiral may be very social, too.  It could have very well been our previous lifestyle of hunkering down at home after a long day of work). 

There are many wonderful blogs on West Seattle including one that covers all of West Seattle…if you want to know ANYTHING that is going on around our “island” check out the West Seattle blog.   There are also other great blogs on Alki and other West Seattle areas.

Part of my reasoning for starting this blog, in amidst all the others is that I would like to see our neighborhood have an active block watch or a way we can all communicate with each other.   This could serve as one of the functions of this blog.   It would also be interesting to share photos and events about our neighborhood and blog about the history of several of the homes in this area…kind of a “this old house”.    This can also be a tool for networking, sharing recipes…we don’t know what this could evolve to.   Your participation is welcome.

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