Beach Drive Blog’s 100th Post

Mpj038481600001Can you believe it?  This is the 100th Post on Beach Drive Blog!   

What a perfect time to reflect on BDB favorites:

Of course I’ll always be sentimental about the very first post for Beach Drive Blog from January 25, 2007.   

We  currently have 23 subscribers and receive well over 100 views from readers a day (this blog is not submitted to search engines…it’s neighbors telling neighbors)!   We’ve been viewed almost 4000 times.  And we have other big time Seattle blogs giving us nods.   Not too shabby for a blog created for a neighborhood along a street!

The Neighborhood Directory could use some more participation…this is elective and is private (you need to contact me for the login/password) to protect you from spammers and such.

We have helped in reuniting a couple pets with their owners.   And we are posting various community messages that are provided to us.

I am most excited that we now have more neighbors coming on to participate in contributing articles and new posts to Beach Drive Blog.    More and more readers are adding their valuable comments to posts which provides a great dimension to the blog.

Just today, an event calendar was added to the left side of the page.   I’m still tinkering around with it…and my goal is to have the community events mentioned on this blog included in that event calendar.   

Thank you for  your positive feed back and support.   It will be fun to watch how Beach Drive Blog continues to develop…we’re still pretty young!    I have really enjoyed BDB and meeting more of my neighbors.

What would you like to see with our neighborhood blog?


  1. Hi Pat, I should copy your nice comments and put them under this post too! In fact, I will!

    I have “work blogs” that I also enjoy…but this is pure fun and is becoming my “hobby”. I’m so flattered others are enjoying this too. And are beginning to write for BDB.

    Here is your comments (also under the Comments post):

    Congrats on your 100th! I’m glad you started this blog. Good information in a friendly and interesting style.

    I particularly enjoy the observations of what’s going on. Simple stuff like weather, flowers, whats happening on what property. I walk my Portuguese Water Dog every morning from our house next to Bar-S down to Mee Kwa Mooks along Beach Drive and then wander Chilcoat and other side streets back. Always impressed how fast BDB is on top of whats happening ie. the house on 61st that was just raised up!

    A short note on another off leash park in West SEattle, I had an official email back from City Parks indicating no future plans for West Seattle, but they’d forward my inquiry to the official person who handles off leash planning! I’m surprised with the increasing density throughout WS that one isn’t planned! I’ll pursue further with the City.

    Thanks for BDB

    Pat Tremaine

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