Wookie is Home!

A week and a half ago, BDB reported on a lost cat, Wookie.   I’m pleased to announce that Wookie has been reunited with his family.   

Wookie disappeared Sunday Feb 11 after we had inadvertently left him out alone while we all went out for the day. He had a name tag with our phone number. After posting all the houses in the neighborhood the mail lady and all telephone poles we put an ad in the Times then on BDB. The animal shelters had no report on him dead or alive. Tuesday Feb 20 we left on vacation with heavy hearts. Monday morning Feb 26 we got a call from our next door neighbor about a skittish cat they could not get a good look at who had been living under their hot tub for a few days…. We returned as scheduled that night to find a very dirty smelly and skinny Wookie name tag still in tact.
We have been enjoying a very happy reunion as our dog and and children had become quite attached since we got Wookie Aug 9th as a birthday present.  Thanks for your help!


Welcome home, Wookie!

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