Check out Chuck’s comments on his recent experience at Beato.    I wish I could figure out how to have the Comment Section on Beach Drive Blog show at least a "teaser" portion…if anyone out there is an expert with Typepad blogs (the platform that I’m using for BDB), please let me know.    Since we currently don’t have teaser comments…I’ll give you a little tease from Chuck’s review:

"I would definitely save room for the chocolate ravioli….The wine list is excellent…."

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  1. Pat Tremaine says

    Congrats on your 100th! I’m glad you started this blog. Good information in a friendly and interesting style.

    I particularly enjoy the observations of what’s going on. Simple stuff like weather, flowers, whats happening on what property. I walk my Portuguese Water Dog every morning from our house next to Bar-S down to Mee Kwa Mooks along Beach Drive and then wander Chilcoat and other side streets back. Always impressed how fast BDB is on top of whats happening ie. the house on 61st that was just raised up!

    A short note on another off leash park in West SEattle, I had an official email back from City Parks indicating no future plans for West Seattle, but they’d forward my inquiry to the official person who handles off leash planning! I’m surprised with the increasing density throughout WS that one isn’t planned! I’ll pursue further with the City.

    Thanks for BDB

    Pat Tremaine

  2. As a builder in WS I am so tired to see the zoning that is allowed in some of our neighborhoods. The city is to blame for this, our great mayor and team of DPD specialists that do not make the requirements tougher. What about design review, steel buildings being built in WS? What is up with that? Zoning and an architectural review board needs to be established or we will all be victims of this crisis. Building nice looking and well laid out units can be done, the only problem whit other builders are $$$ and can they buy the big yacht.

  3. Kelsey Diller says

    My name is Kelsey Diller and I have recently started a company called Orbit Homes LLC that rescues houses scheduled for demo. I might be able to save that little brown house from ending up in a land fill by moving it to a new location and sprucing it up. If you can tell me who owns this little house I might be able to help.
    Kelsey Diller
    Orbit Homes LLC
    PO Box 46337
    Seattle, WA 98146

  4. All tear downs can be saved and used to create jobs and help the poor, the environment and lower your tax base. To find out how to do this visit The Benefactor Project.

    Tom Canavan
    Open Source Philanthropy 2.0

  5. Hi,
    This is Jessica, I walk my Portuguese Water Dog every morning from our house next to Bar-S down to Me Kw a Nooks along Beach Drive and then wander Chilton and other side streets back.

    Link Building

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