“Emergency Reach Out” event today at Arbor Heights Elementary

Today from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at Arbor Heights Elementary, Emergency Reach Out will be taking place. 

Emergency Reach Out

From the West Seattle Block Watch Captains’ Network blog:

The full schedule of presentations is as follows:

10:00 – 10:30 West Seattle Be Prepared

10:30 – 10:45 West Seattle Block Watch Captains’ Network and Seattle Public Utilities

10:45 – 11:00 Break

11:00 – 12:00 SNAP (Seattle Neighborhoods Activily Prepare)

Noon – 12:30 Break

12:30 – 1:15 Red Cross

1:15 – 1:35 Seattle Animal Shelter

1:35 – 2:00 Seattle Fire Department

As noted above, FREE Latte and Pastry Cart from 10:00 to Noon. Snacks and grill items are available for purchase from BigFood Trucks. Amazing Raffle Prizes and Gifts for attendees!

Hat tip: West Seattle Blog

I have a painting on exhibit at Bumbershoot

In addition to blogging, my day job, etc….I started painting earlier this year – mostly on black velvet. You can imagine my excitement when I was invited to participate at the Elivstravaganza exhibit at Bumbershoot.  I am auctioning my painting with proceeds to benefit Cafe Racer Love. As of yesterday, bids were at $400. I believe that the end of Bumbershoot will be the end of bidding (I’ll confirm and update).  If you’re interested in placing a bid, please contact Marlow Harris ASAP

Here is West Seattle Herald’s coverage and a clip from Evening Magazine (you’ll see a glimpse of my painting at 1:00 into the video).

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Seattle’s Garbage Strike

We just checked Seattle Public Utility's site and currently, it states that if Monday is your regular day to put out gargabe, recycle and yard waste, to do so before 7:00 am on Monday.

Monday Waste Management customers should still put their garbage, yard waste and recycling out before 7 a.m. If collections are missed, carts should be put out next Monday, Aug. 6.

Let's hope the collections are not missed! Nothing quite like extra garbage piling up on a summer day.



Local TV network takes notice of Beach Drive’s community safety efforts

Komo 4 just aired a piece on how involvement by the local community helped create a safer park on Beach Drive. You can see one of the most active community members walking their dog Tazi in the news video…


BDB gives a big hat tip to everyone involved in working with the various public agencies in making these safety changes. The additional L.E.D. lighting may not deter all the criminal activity taking place in the park's lower section but it definetly gives an innocent walker-by a chance to see "what's up" before heading down there!

I walked down there the other night and was impressed how the three L.E.D. lights give just the right amount of illumination. There were some fears that the area would be too lit and ruin any ambiance the lower park offers. 

The next anticipated change will be a sign noting the park's closing hours.  

Scupper, reporting for Beach Drive Blog 

Did Your Dock take a Walk?

If you have a small floating dock, you may want to double check to make sure it's anchored where it's supposed to be.  

This dock appears to be heading north (currently it is just south of Emma Schmitz Memorial View Point).



My thoughts following Greggette Guy’s Vigil

As residents of Beach Drive, who live not far from Emma Schmitz Park, we joined with others to take part in Greggette Guy's vigil on Sunday evening. After taking a stand to walk united in her memory and listening to her father's tearful plea to make the park safer, some ideas have been formulating.

Greggette's father would like the dark lower sidewalk of Emma Schmitz, often covered in graffiti and not in street view, to be closed at dusk and better lit. He would also like a memorial in her name.  What if we, as a community, come together to have a light installed to make the lower sidewalk safer and have it dedicated in Greggette's name

I'm reading on West Seattle Blog tonight that the Seattle Police Department state they feel the murder probably took place in that section of the park.  Representatives from the city have shared stats of how safe Beach Drive is…in my opinion, two murders in that park in that area in 20 years in the same area is not acceptable.  Pruning back and removing shrubs is not enough.  Even with ALL shrubs removed, a murder or other crimes could happen without anyone being able to witness from the street.  The lower sidewalk, as Greggette's father said on Sunday evening, is a "death trap". 

Via Facebook today, I noticed that Sally Bagshaw was promoting a "large public funds neighborhood match" program.  I feel that the city should have the responsibility of keeping that sidewalk safe and well lit to avoid crimes.  Perhaps our Beach Drive community can help raise funds to do something special to dedicate the lighting in Greggette's memory.  Funds may also be raised to help increase the reward for tips leading to the capture of her murderer.

Again, just some of my thoughts in light of recent events.

What can we do?

What can you do?

Who do you know?

I'm proud to be a West Seattle-ite and love my neighborhood. I'm so saddened about what happened to Greggette. Let's take action as a community to do what we can to make sure this doesn't happen again.

I would love to start fund raising and would appreciate hearing any advice or input from our readers who have experience with this.

Everyone and anyone reading this post CAN do SOMETHING.

Tonight’s Vigil along Emma Schmitz Park in Memory of Greggette Guy

Tonight about 70 or more people gathered at the north point of Emma Schmitz Park and walked the park to Jacobsen and back. Neighbors reunited and perhaps met for the first time during this calm, cool evening at this event organized by Judy Bentley.  

Candles and flashlights were lit as we stood together in silence.  Ms. Guy's father appeared to thank everyone for the vigil and for remembering Greggette.  He said that they used to walk this area together and that she enjoyed walking here during storms. He called the lower area of Emma Schmitz (which is out of view from the street) a "death trap" and he wants Seattle's Mayor McGinn to do something to remedy this.  He would like to see the park closed at night with better lighting and a memorial to be created for his daughter.  Several people came forward to offer condolences and hug Greggette's father.  He said that had he known she was going to walk Beach Drive that night, he would have joined her.   

The media was quick to interview Greggette's father after his words to our group.

Neighbors held several casual discussions with many ideas of what can be done to make this area of Beach Drive a safer place.  Many have offered to volunteer their services or time.  A neighbor is organizing a sign up so that people don't need to walk alone along this stretch of an area that "should" be safe. I believe that in Greggette's memory, many of us will work toward making this park a safer place through our own actions and by contacting our local politicians so that we can hopefully deter something like this from happening again.



Click here for West Seattle Blog's coverage, including a video of Greggette's Father and what he had to say to our neighborhood. 

Beach Drive neighbors organizing a vigil and walk tonight at Emma Schmitz

We received word this morning from a Beach Drive neighbor that a vigil and walk has been planned tonight, March 18th at 7:00 PM to remember Greggette Guy and to claim the parks as safe public space.

We'll gather at the north end of Emma Schmitz Park on the waterfront side of Beach Drive and walk the length of the park, carrying candles and flashlights as needed.  We'll accompany anyone who needs company on the walk home.

A warm thanks to our community for organizing this event! 

Body found in Puget Sound by Harbor West Condos

This morning around 7:30 am, a body discovered in Puget Sound by Harbor West Condos and Commerant Cove Park (3717 Beach Drive SW).  The body has been recovered and a portion of the parking lot at the condominium has been blocked off as they wait for the investigation to continue.



Click here for West Seattle Blog's coverage.


Happening TOMORROW NIGHT: Meeting about termination of Metro’s Bus Route 37 on Beach Drive

I'm just learning of a meeting that's taking place RIGHT NOW at the West Seattle Eagles (6:00 – 8:00 pm TOMORROW NIGHT) on California about Metro's proposed plan to eliminate route 37.  

This would leave us busless on Beach Drive as this is our only bus route.

Another meeting is scheduled for November 9 at Chief Sealth School.

THANK YOU to the neighbors who emailed me tonight with this information!!

More information at West Seattle Blog.

EDITORS NOTE: it's been a long day! Thanks for the heads up so I could correct my post!!