Making our Beach Drive area parks safer

In light of the recent unsolved murder along Beach Drive, we're hearing from several neighbors that would like to make the Emma Schmitz Memorial Viewpoint/Mee-Kwa-Mooks park a safer area for both visitors and residents.

The most obvious area of concern is the lower, out of sight walkway that runs along the beach.


This section of Emma Schmitz Memorial park is known for it's drug scene, costly graffiti and now the likely scene of a second murder. For years, we have warned our kids to never walk down there when headed out towards Alki.


The first improvement should be better lighting… or any lighting at all given that there isn't any at this time. Another idea we're hearing (and totally behind of) is a permanent surveillance camera along with a few posted signs making people aware of it. A little less privacy is a small price to pay for being able to safely stroll on our sidewalks.

Beach Drive Blog is asking for help from any of you that have connections with the City or Parks Department to find out what it would take to make these improvements a reality. Several folks have already mentioned that they would chip in if necessary. 

God bless and rest in peace Greggette Guy


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  1. Tracy @ WSB says

    Sally Bagshaw is the chair of the Parks and Neighborhoods Committee. You might start with her: – there may also be a city grant fund that could be used for lighting, although the grant processes tend to take a long time, and it could be argued this is more urgent, which is why CM Bagshaw and team might be able to help you find out if there is any way to cut through red tape and make something happen sooner.

  2. Mrs. Smith says

    When I moved to West SEattle in 2007 I loved this park and I always would walk on the lower part and the upper part with my daughter who was 3 and my husband and two dogs, and often with just the kid and myself.
    I never was scared ever, and I never knew anything about the history. After moving from Los Angeles to Seattle, the teens that would hang out on the lower part or the graffitti did not bother me. I mean hello, have you ever been to East LA, Compton or even downtown LA where there is plenty of one bats an eye.

    I encourage families with children and all ages to walk on the lower part, eventually the gang banger kids will find another place to hang out…

    ps. I never walked there at night, only during the day light, but my point is dont let a few pot smoking kids scare you…they are probably more scared of you calling 911 as an adult!

  3. Mrs. Smith says

    To me…Lincoln Park is much more dangerous that the lower part of this park, I think by encouraging people to avoid the area, that is sending the wrong message. There have been two murders in the past 20 years. That means that there is 3,500 “safe” days every decade to hang out in this park…

    I have a feeling that the 51 year old victim that went for a walk at this park probably went there to meet some guy and he decided to harm her, maybe they had a fight or something, we really don’t know, but from what the police are saying she went there on purpose to “take a walk” and imho probably meet someone.

  4. lookingforlogic says

    Instead of avoiding this area we should make it heavily occupied with residents and dogs. Also daylight the park across the street. Make the drugrats uncomfortable in our parks. Anyone have scary dogs they need walking?

  5. Thanks Tracy, I’ll start there on Monday!

  6. Mrs Smith, I think you’ll find a majority of people will agree with you about occupying the lower section as much as possible during the day. Not sure where that’s going to discourage the drug scene at night though. Pot smokers aren’t the issue here.

  7. Please remember that the family of the deceased may read this and other reports on local sites. It is pure, pure speculation that she was going to meet someone. Her family has stated that she has gone to the area often because she loved it so much (and what’s not to love – the view the peacefulness). We don’t need to be spreading false rumors about this woman as to ulterior motives for her being there. For goodness sake, who really cares. No one should have to give their life for just loving an area and wanting to walk there. So, please keep the speculation to yourself.

    Rest in peace, Gregette Guy.

  8. Jan, we totally agree that speculation is not what is needed at this time.

    The murderer(s) need to be found and we need to do what we can to prevent this from happening again.

    READERS: please wait for the facts to come out and spare the family and Gregette’s memory speculation.

    There is a vigil taking place tonight at 7pm at the north end of Emma Schmitz Memorial Viewpoint in Gregette’s memory and to make our parks safer. What happened to her cannot be tolerated.

    Two murders in this (or any) area is not acceptable in any span of time… at least it’s not something I can accept here in West Seattle or any place I would choose to call home.

  9. Several years ago, there was a another murder in about the same place, but up on the surface, where two people were sitting on a bench around midnight,and were attacked, leaving 1 dead, and the other injured. Does anyone else remember this story, that probably happened about 20 years ago, or so?

  10. Hi Marcia, that was almost 20 years ago, in 1993:

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