Bulkheads, barges and saving homes from tear downs

A Beach Drive Blog reader asks:

…water is eroding the base of our bulkheads. Anyone know of a contractor that can check it out?

Another reader is looking for a barge service:

…that can bridge from the boat to my bulkhead, as it is on the sound and their is no dock.

Last tid bit is from a reader who offers to save homes from becoming a tear down, she…

might be able to save that little brown house from ending up in a land fill by moving it to a new location and sprucing it up.

Do you know of anyone who can help?


  1. Kelsey Diller says

    Just an update on the little brown house… I went by to take a closer look and it looks like this little house is in too bad a shape to save. Keep me in mind for any other tear downs that could be saved and I will have a look!

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