Something new to do with your Zucchini

From the Seattle Times:

Who says you can’t play with your food? Head to West Seattle Farmers Market Sunday for its Zucchini 500 Races, where handcrafted squashmobiles will zip along a wooden track for prize ribbons.

All competitors receive a sturdy, race-worthy summer squash, four wooden wheels and plenty of décor (feathers, pipe cleaners, stickers, etc.) to customize each racer. The event is free and open to entrants of all ages. The market runs 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at the corner of California Avenue Southwest and Southwest Alaska Street in the parking lot behind Key Bank.

Best Nachos in West Seattle

According to my husband, this honor should go to The Bamboo Bar & Grill for their Steak Nachos.    We shared a plate the other night when we went to Alki to see Lady Liberty return to her home.

Img_5906The nachos are as good as they look.    The steak is tender, guac’s great.  Lots of fresh toppings and plenty of cheese.

We’ve been pretty happy with the food at Bamboo Grill. 

My water glass (water was all I was drinking) was never refilled.   Their service was pretty slow…so if you’re coming for the grub, have patience…prepare yourself for a wait (as you may do at many restaurants along Alki).

Bamboo Bar and Grill is located at 2806 Alki Avenue SW, Seattle.  (206) 937-3023.

Sunfish is closed until October 11, 2007

What the heck?  When we were at Alki last night to check out Lady Liberty, I noticed that Sunfish was dark and empty.   On their door, they have this sign:Img_5905

Does anyone know what’s up?   Our last post about Sunfish was about a recent review that stated they have some of the best fish-n-chips in Seattle.   


The Best Huevos Rancheros in West Seattle


Update September 2008Blackbird Bistro is closed for business.

This is what my husband told me about Blackbird Bistro located on California in West Seattle.    They serve brunch on Saturday and Sunday starting at 8:30 a.m. and dishing it up until 3:00 p.m.    Being a fan of Huevos…I had to see for myself!

I was actually surprised to see that they are indeed open at 8:30 and on a Saturday.  What a bonus!   

They have a nice brunch menu…however we were set Img_5821on the Huevuos Rancheros.

My husband was right.  They are pretty delish.   The tortillas are not fried in grease.   They must be grilled or baked crisp in the oven.   The beans had a mole flavor–everything just tasted very fresh.   

The service was nice, too.   Our coffee cups were never empty!

So if you’re looking for a place in West Seattle to have breakfastcheck out Blackbird Bistro.

Blackbird Bistro at 2329 California Avenue SW, Seattle, WA 98116   

Got Milk?

MilkNeighbor Alyson (she’s the nice lady that allowed everyone in her yard during Seattle Night Out earlier this month) would like you to know this about Scott the Milkman:

"We signed up for Smith Brothers milk delivery a couple months ago. We love it but know that Scott our milkman is going a couple blocks out of his way to deliver to us so it would be great if any one in the surrounding houses signed up for delivery. Smith Brothers offer a wide range of products. For bargain shoppers the best deal is the milk and eggs, both are hormone free, not organic but "hormone free." For the non coupon/sale shopper what is better than milk, ice cream, coffee, cheese, juice, yogurt, etc delivered to your door every Tuesday. A minimum order of one gallon of milk is required, the milk box is supplied and there are no other expenses then the price of the products. We love the convenience and the taste."

Scott the Milkman can be reached by calling his voice mail: 253-351-2502.

Spuds vs. Sunfish. Who has the best fish and chips?

The Seattle P&I reports that their readers recommend Sunfish for some of the best fish & chips around:

"Far and away the best fish ‘n’ chips in the city is Sunfish Seafood (2800 Alki Ave. S.W., Seattle). Once we found this place, we stopped our quest for the best." Jeff Ellis, Seattle

Personally, I agree.   Although when our family is at Sunfish, I typically order the seafood skewers which have halibut, prawns and veggies grilled perfectly over a basket of nummy fries.

During the Alki Hot Rod Show was the last time I was at Sunfish.   My husband and I ordered our skewers "to go" and sat in the grass overlooking the cars.   A participant, not from West Seattle, asked me "Wow, did you get that at Spuds?" and I told him "No.  I like Sunfish better".    He kind of scoffed at me like I didn’t know what I was talking about.    It has been a while since I’ve been to Spuds (years).   If I recall, it was a little too greasy for my taste…when I was a teen I probably would have loved it.   

What is your favorite fish & chip restaurant?

Seattle Metropolitan Magazine’s Best in the City


July’s issue of Seattle Metropolitan Magazine names a couple of West Seattle restaurants as "Best in the City".     I am amazed that we have no shortage of fine restaurants in West Seattle…there’s really no reason to leave (except for work and I guess there is life beyond the West Seattle Bridge).

Seattle’s Best Wine Bar goes to Beato.   My husband and I have gone to Beato twice now.   We like to sit at the bar and chat with the bartender (seems like I should be calling him something else, wine server perhaps?).    Both times we have selected their wine flights along with some food of course!  You must try the maple smoked scallops.   SMM likes Beato because it has "perfect chemistry".    It’s a little on the pricey side and food portions are smaller…it is a treat and a nice "night out" when we happen to be kid-free for an evening.   Beato is located at 3247 California Avenue SW, Seattle.  206-932-1333.

Seattle’s Best Cooking Class is the Culinary Communion.   My neighbor "Cat Woman" purrs about her lessons with owners Gabriel Claycamp and Heidi Kenyon.   She’s promised to write a post for BDB one day…so maybe she’ll enlighten us on her experiences with this cooking school in our back yards.   206-284-8687.

Seattle’s Best Chicken Soup is Eat’s Market Cafe.    I’m dying to try their Reuben Sandwich.   This is another spot on my list of places of try whenever I’m in Westwood Village.   Eat’s Market Cafe is located at 2600 SW Barton St., Seattle.  206-933-1200

West Seattle’s Best Foam (Coffee) goes to Diva Espresso.   I have to admit, I have not been to Diva yet…I admire the building whenever I drive by and will make a point to stop in now.   SMM says they roast their coffee here in Seattle and that they have a "vintage bordello atmosphere".   Diva Espresso is located at 4480 Fauntleroy Ave SW, Seattle.  206-937-5225.

West Seattle’s Bes Suds (Beer) goes to Elliott Bay Brewery Pub.   BDB’s Steve’s Lunchbox recently reviewed Elliott Bay and this is also one of our family’s favorite lunch spots.   I didn’t realize (until reading the article) that the burgers are organic on homemade buns and you could wash it down with their award winning beer. Elliott Bay Brewery Pub is located at 4720 California Avenue SW, Seattle.  206-932-0532.

You can check out the entire "Best of the City" which covers more than just restaurants and cooking by picking up your copy of Seattle Metropolitan Magazine which is on sale now.

My Favorite Seasonal Pizza

I forgot how good this is!  Last night, we had Pagliacci Pizza’s seasonal special:  The Salmon Primo.   Lightly smoked salmon with fresh dill, capers, mozzerella and ricotta cheeses on an olive oil base.   Yummy!  It is "seasonal" so it’s only available until the end of this month…maybe we’ll order pizza again tonight! 

Chuckless Cheese…


Anyone who has been to dinner at the ELLIOT BAY BREW PUB knows that it can be the closest thing to Chuck E Cheese in West Seattle 🙂   BUT in a strange anomaly, instead of the kids dragging the parents, it’s the other way around??? It goes something like this… "I sure would love a great BEER hmm and a hunk of meat to go with it? but we have the kids??? EUREKA, the light bulb has just turned on, THE BEAR FOUND THE HONEY". I kid the Bay! In all fairness this place has carved out a niche and is kicking some major $$@.

But I digress, I am here to talk about lunch! Lunch at the BAY is quiet, tranquil, etc… Grab a paper, get that booth you always wanted and get ready to enjoy… They have great burgers! good fries, and if you’d like a tasty salad instead of those nasty carbs… buck and seventy five, DONE! There are allot of other great things on the menu, some of my favorites are the Ahi Tuna Sandwich and the Greek Gyro but the bread and butter, it’s the BURG’s.

This is straight up pub grub done well.  The $$$ are on par with most pubs; not cheap but fair. STEVE says……. 3 and a half LUNCHBOXES! out of five.   


Note:  Elliott Bay Brew Pub is located at 4720 California Avenue S.W., Seattle.   Ph: 206-932-8695.

Steve’s Lunchbox Rating:

Lunchboxshop_1954_145198_2 Lunchboxshop_1954_145198_3 Lunchboxshop_1954_145198_5 Lunchboxshop_dennishalf

Better THAN you think!


Hi all, this is my first post on the BDB and I have decided I would write about something I know about… Lunch in West Seattle.

I have been plundering the restaurants of West Seattle since the early 90’s and I loves the lunch! In my posts I am going to be your amateur review dood, I am reviewing Lunch only, even though in WS the lunch and the Din Din are often the same… BUT THIS IS THE LUNCHBOX! I take into account the two most important Lunch elements, Taste and $. The atmosphere… maybe a little, Service… maybe—– ITS LUNCH! food and $ thats what matters. I am Single and I work at home so as you can imagine, lunch is the great escape! So here we GO. THAN BROTHER’S PHO This place has become a favorite! One word……. Simple,Simple,Simple Oh’ and very tasty! (one word three times and an emotion).  They have pho and thats it, although it comes in several models… Veggie, Chicken, Meatball and many varieties of beef. The other great thing is that you would have to try hard to spend $10 per person… I find that the small or the Medium is more than enough and both are less than $5… now that kicks $#%. They dont skimp on the basil and shoots either! In an effort to kick it up a notch, you also get a cream filled puff pastry? THAN BROTHERS gets 3 and a half LUNCHBOXES out of 5, I don’t know if their is a five so thats good! So thats my first go around:)

If you think I am correct please send your love letters, if not feel free to shred me! OUCH! Till next time… DON’T FORGET YOUR LUNCH

Editors Note:  Than Brother’s Pho is located at 4822 California Avenue SW, Seattle.   Phone: 206-937-6264

Steve’s Lunchbox Rating: 

Lunchboxshop_1954_2574419_6Lunchboxshop_1954_2574419_9 Lunchboxshop_1954_2574419_10  Lunchboxshop_half_2