Spuds vs. Sunfish. Who has the best fish and chips?

The Seattle P&I reports that their readers recommend Sunfish for some of the best fish & chips around:

"Far and away the best fish ‘n’ chips in the city is Sunfish Seafood (2800 Alki Ave. S.W., Seattle). Once we found this place, we stopped our quest for the best." Jeff Ellis, Seattle

Personally, I agree.   Although when our family is at Sunfish, I typically order the seafood skewers which have halibut, prawns and veggies grilled perfectly over a basket of nummy fries.

During the Alki Hot Rod Show was the last time I was at Sunfish.   My husband and I ordered our skewers "to go" and sat in the grass overlooking the cars.   A participant, not from West Seattle, asked me "Wow, did you get that at Spuds?" and I told him "No.  I like Sunfish better".    He kind of scoffed at me like I didn’t know what I was talking about.    It has been a while since I’ve been to Spuds (years).   If I recall, it was a little too greasy for my taste…when I was a teen I probably would have loved it.   

What is your favorite fish & chip restaurant?


  1. Marge Carpenter says

    Did you know that Sunset Magazine picked the Sunfish as one of their “Top Ten Seafood Spots by the Sea” in their June 2007 issue?

    “4. SEATTLE, WA

    Amid banter between the two Greek owners and the customers, Sunfish serves up delicate, paper-wrapped cod, halibut, wild salmon, and shellfish. For a sampler plate, try the combo — or better, Sunfish’s signature fish kabob. Nearly everything is less than $10 and comes with homemade tartar sauce and garlic malt vinegar. Eat here or across the street at Alki Beach, with views of Puget Sound. INFO: $, cash and local checks only; closed Mon; 2800 Alki Ave. S.W.; 206/938-4112. –Jim McCausland”

    I like their fish, but the fries are too soggy for my taste. I agree that Spud’s offerings are too greasy.

  2. I like Sunfish but I also like Spud, where I had lunch with mom yesterday. Sunfish no doubt has a lighter taste but having a British mother, Spud is more like traditional English fish and chips. Especially her homemade chips. I had a specific Spud craving, with their particular batter & the malt vinegar. But those Sunfish skewers sound great, so maybe next time…

  3. seattlemarty says

    The fries at both places leave a lot to be desired. The old photos at spuds though are fabulous. We always make sure to drag visitors through to see them.

  4. Despite having eaten at Spuds since I was a small child on Sunday family outings to Alki, as a grown up my stomach has rebelled! My vote is for Sunfish. Love their Greek salad and the fish is more compatible with my tummy.

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