Got Milk?

MilkNeighbor Alyson (she’s the nice lady that allowed everyone in her yard during Seattle Night Out earlier this month) would like you to know this about Scott the Milkman:

"We signed up for Smith Brothers milk delivery a couple months ago. We love it but know that Scott our milkman is going a couple blocks out of his way to deliver to us so it would be great if any one in the surrounding houses signed up for delivery. Smith Brothers offer a wide range of products. For bargain shoppers the best deal is the milk and eggs, both are hormone free, not organic but "hormone free." For the non coupon/sale shopper what is better than milk, ice cream, coffee, cheese, juice, yogurt, etc delivered to your door every Tuesday. A minimum order of one gallon of milk is required, the milk box is supplied and there are no other expenses then the price of the products. We love the convenience and the taste."

Scott the Milkman can be reached by calling his voice mail: 253-351-2502.

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