Possible Toxic Sound by Harbor West Condos

Earlier today one of our readers gave us a heads up of a possible sewage leak by the Harbor West Condos. The beach at Cormorant Cove is closed.

If this is indeed a sewage leak from the Harbor West Condos…it wouldn’t be the first time.


  1. Odd – nothing on the BEACH program website:

    And no announcements/notifications from SPU or King County WTD or Seattle/KC Public Health. I’ll check around in the morning.

  2. I checked with a King County contact who is frequently a source of this type of info and so far there doesn’t seem to be anything official/new. She said, “We can confirm there has been no spill/overflow from King County’s system. One of our off-site operators went to check it out and he found an old beach closure sign laying on the ground and removed it. He also said there was some other signage referencing SPU, but it appears that these signs could have been left over from a previous sewer leak at the condo. We put in a call to SPU and they also don’t have any reported overflows, but they’re checking with their source control group for more information. But it seems like this is all connected to a past issue.” (I wonder: Maybe somebody found an old sign and stuck it upright?)

  3. And an update! “We just learned from SPU that a spill was reported on Monday, 8/21. SPU was told it was likely a leak from the condo building and their spill response crew was on site to assess. It is likely also they posted the sign at the park nearby, but SPU is trying to find out more information and confirm.”

  4. Thanks for the updates, Tracy!

  5. There is no sewage or toxic leak. One of the first floor showers leaked. It’s being fixed. No worries.

  6. Cathy also sent me a detailed email. I will publish her email once I confirm I have her permission. Here is my response to her email:

    Hi Cathy,
    Would you like me to publish your comment on Beach Drive Blog? Comments are in moderation until we have a chance to approve them. I’m happy to post this for you. I just approved your other comment.

    I did coincidently bump into someone from the spill crew at SPU today as I was walking my dog. This person did say when I asked what the spill was, that it was sewage from the condos that was being cleaned up and that they’re in the process of reopening the beach. This person used the word “sewage” – I’m not a plumber, perhaps “sewage” is water that comes from a shower leak as well.

    The signage says “contaminated water” – I’ve added “possible” to the title of the post.

    I commented on the post you referenced at WSB asking for the condo president to provide contact info since she request that the HOA be contacted when someone suspects some sort of spill – I just checked and I don’t see a response from her.

    Who should the public contact if they have a concern with Harbor West?

    Thanks for reaching out to me.


    Rhonda Porter

  7. From Cathy:
    In future , you could contact Lynda Kocir at our property management company. They are offsite but in contact with our president, board and on-site manager. Here:

    Lynda Kocir, CMCA(c), AMS(tm)
    Community Association Manager

    CWD Group, Inc. AAMC(r)
    2800 Thorndyke Avenue West
    Seattle, Washington 98199
    206-706-8000 Main | 206-706-7679 Fax | http://www.cwdgroup.com

  8. The beach at Cormorant Cove has reopened after precautionary closure. Feel free to splash away!

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