UPDATED: Derelict Boat drifting off Beach Drive

Around 3:30 this afternoon, we called the Coastguard when it appeared a boat was adrift. From our view point, we could not see if there was anyone on board. The Coastguard asked if we could send them a photo to help identify the boat (picture is above).

The intrepid reporter, Scupper and I hopped into our car to see if we could get a better vantage point of the boat. We called the Coastguard once we noticed that there was a person on-board (on the dinghy) and that the boat was getting dangerously close to Harbor West Condominiums.

 The disabled cabin cruiser was pinned against the pilings of Harbor West Condos. The Coastguard confirmed with us that he is out of immediate danger as the boat seemed secured, and that they’re leaving.

A big turnout from both the Seattle Police and Seattle Fire Departments.

The boat was able to get free of the condo’s pilings and began to drift towards the reef just as the SPD and SFD boats arrived.

It appeared as though the boater did not want any help. He was in his dinghy pulling the boat away from the SPD and SFD just missing the reef by inches.

Seattle Fire Department was able to secure the boat and the boat operator.

Update: the boat is slowly being towed. We are wondering where it will end up.

Update 6:09 pm.

We are at Don Armeni boat launch where the Seattle Fire Department appear to be preparing to dock the boat.

Update 6:31pm

The boat is now secured at Don Armeni boat ramp.

Scupper assisted with helping to secure the boat to the dock.

The inhabitant on the boat stayed below deck while Scupper was assisting the fire and rescue crew.  

It’s Scupper’s opinion that this boat has not been under it’s own power for some time and his dinghy is used to maneuver the boat. It appears to be a derelict live-aboard boat.

It will be interesting to see what happens next. Obviously the boat cannot stay at Don Armeni tied to the boat ramp.

The Department of Natural Resources has a program for derelict boats but it appears that this man does not want to give up this boat/home.

EDITORS NOTE: This was a “live” post that was mostly done from my cell phone. My apologies for any typo’s I didn’t catch! We also have videos posted at www.facebook.com/beachdriveblog


  1. Cap'n Crunch says

    Still there this evening. I’m sorry kids, but you don’t get to live where you want how you want simply because you want to. Boats are NOT ‘alternative affordable housing’. For the safety of the boater, the community, and the environment, boats must be seaworthy, insured, and properly moored.

    Boating is a privilege, NOT a right. ‘Vagabond liveaboards’ should not be allowed, ‘virtue signalers’ be damned.

    • I was surprised that Seattle Fire & Rescue put him there. The dock/cleats can barely handle that size of boat not to mention the northerly swell we just experienced. The boat was heaving hard. Dept of Natural Resources can slap a 30 day notice for the owner to restore the boat back to seaworthy condition and work with the police to evict on basis of trespassing (boat ramp is temporary use only). My guess is that no one wants to deal with it and hopes he barges it somewhere else with his small outboard.

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