LaRustica Restaurant offering Take-Out

Beach Drive’s neighborhood restaurant, LaRustica, is complying with the recent statewide order for restaurants and bars to close until the end of this month. They are now offering take out on Tuesdays through Sundays from 4:00 – 8:00 pm.

In addition, the Pellegrini family is offering 15% during this time. Call 206-932-3020 to place your order.

I’m not sure how accurate this menu is, or what will be available, but it could be helpful?

The best Fish & Chips in Beach Drive history?

Every now and then we run into people that remember a great little restaurant located just down the street on Beach Drive and Jacobsen. I've always wondered what the house looked like back in it's "eatery" days but haven't been able to locate any photos… until now! These pics were recently scanned by the Seattle Municipal Archives Photograph Collection from a folder containing an appealed variance application back in 1961.  

props to Seattle Municipal Archives #76903

Seattle Municipal Archive Photo #76902

Seattle Municipal Archive Photo #76904

If you'd like to learn a little more history about this quaint 12 table restaurant, West Seattle Blog posted a fabulous article along with reader's memories of the restaurant's owner/chef that had recently passed away. I also hear that Quesnel's is mentioned in the book Memories of Southwest Businesses that can be found at the Log House Museum off of Alki.

My next quest for photos is to get some choice shots of Sans Souci, the old Schmitz mansion that used to adourn what is now Mee-Kwa-Mooks. If you have any leads on photos, please share!


Scupper, for Beach Drive Blog

Brunch at The Bohemian

Our family enjoyed a Saturday brunch at The Bohemian the other weekend.    They  P2280003 have a fun menu and the kids were thrilled with the French Toast stuffed with peanut butter and bananas. 

I enjoyed a smoked salmon eggs benedict and my husband had a delish cast-iron skillet with French press "drip" coffee.

The next time we go, I may have to try one of their crepes.P2280001

The Bohemian is located at 3405 California Avenue SW, Seattle, WA 98116.  Their phone number is 206-938-BOHO

The Dreaded Yellow Sign at La Rustica

You know what I’m talking about…the yellow sign that typically in our neighborhood means that an older home is going to be torn down for a townhome.  I’ve noticed the sign a few times this week while driving my kids to the bus stop in the morning and I just didn’t have the time to check it out until now.


To my relief, LaRustica is applying to add a sidewalk cafe!  Yummy.

Spring Cleaning & Bake Sale Tuesday, May 29th at The Alki Homestead

This info is via the Alki Beach Community Yahoo Group:

I just read this on the West Seattle Blog.

The Alki Homestead is having a spring cleaning and bake sale. There
will be antiques, silver, crystal, stemware and kitchenwares not to
mention homemade cakes, cookies, and pies. The sale is this tuesday
the 29th from 3pm to 7pm we will accept cash, check, or credit card.

For those who have fond memories of that place, it is a good time to
bring some of those memories home. I made a call to the GM, Chris
Long. He had indicated that some people liked the idea and others
would like to see everything stay the same.

Chris had indicated that most of the stuff for sale had been stored
upstairs forever and they will most likely not be used again. For
what ever its worth, go take and look and decide if you want a piece
of Alki Homestead.

Eats Market Cafe

Img_6272I’ve been waiting  to check out this highly reviewed restaurant in the heart of Westwood Village…the place was packed and after a ten minute wait (we cruised neighboring shops) we were seated.  We decided to go for our favorite "brunch dish"Img_6273_2…Heuvos Racheros.                          Eats Market Cafe did a nice job…their Heuvos is completely different than Blackbird Bistro’s in West Seattle.   Easts Market Cafe rest the eggs onto of a generous helping of black beans and salsa verde.  The eggs are topped with home made guacamole.   

I will have to return to sink my teeth into a Rueben–my favorite sandwich and Iunderstand they may have the best in Seattle.  I’ll report back when I do.

Where is your favorite spot in West Seattle for breakfast?

Where You Can “Order to Go” in West Seattle

I was just doing a bit of research on line because it’s looking like we may "eat in" tonight when we had dinner plans…here’s a list I found.  I have no idea if these restaurants still deliver…let me know what you find out.