The best Fish & Chips in Beach Drive history?

Every now and then we run into people that remember a great little restaurant located just down the street on Beach Drive and Jacobsen. I've always wondered what the house looked like back in it's "eatery" days but haven't been able to locate any photos… until now! These pics were recently scanned by the Seattle Municipal Archives Photograph Collection from a folder containing an appealed variance application back in 1961.  

props to Seattle Municipal Archives #76903

Seattle Municipal Archive Photo #76902

Seattle Municipal Archive Photo #76904

If you'd like to learn a little more history about this quaint 12 table restaurant, West Seattle Blog posted a fabulous article along with reader's memories of the restaurant's owner/chef that had recently passed away. I also hear that Quesnel's is mentioned in the book Memories of Southwest Businesses that can be found at the Log House Museum off of Alki.

My next quest for photos is to get some choice shots of Sans Souci, the old Schmitz mansion that used to adourn what is now Mee-Kwa-Mooks. If you have any leads on photos, please share!


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  1. Scupper's Buddy says

    By the way, that little window to the right of the door was the “Take-Out” Window for Fish & Chips to go.

    And, it ABSOLUTELY was the Best Fish & Chips in all of Washington and maybe even the best on Planet Earth !!!

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