FREE Extra Yard Waste Pick Up November!

Seattle Public Utilities is offering up to 10 additional yard waste bags to be picked up during your regular scheduled collection day with no additional charge.

This offer is good throughout the month of November.

This is an attempt to help keep the drains from getting clogged with leaves.

With the forecasted weather that’s heading our way, including a Gale Warning starting tomorrow at noon through Friday at 12:00 am (as of 11/3/21 12:19pm), clearing the drains is always a good idea!

FOUND Tomatoes & expertise on Beach Drive

With the tease of warmer weather on the way, I imagine many Beach Drive area neighbors have tomatoes on the brain. I’m usually too late to the party and end up choosing from the picked over scrawny or wounded plants at the local nursery. Other years I’ve resorted to picking a few plants up from a big box store and wondering what type of “unfriendly” processes might’ve been used to create this mass produced Early Girl??

With that in mind, I stumbled into tomato paradise during a dog walk to Lincoln Park yesterday.

I figured this sign on the 6500 block of Beach Drive was leading the way down a driveway to a few card tables of plants. Boy was I wrong. Instead I found a couple of people working around a small green house with raised beds and several varieties of toms spread out along the garden. A polite young man greeted me and asked if he could Answer any questions I may have. I’m pretty sure he could sense that I was a tomato novice with the questions I asked… “do you have anything that thrives near water in a, um, medium large like pot about so big?”. Kyle didn’t miss a beat and grabbed a tom labeled Hot Tub. He explained that it accidentally sprouted on the west side of their house near their hot tub by the water and absolutely thrived. “Ok, I’ll take that one and also looking for a good tomato for salads?”. Kyle picked a yellow variety and explained that it retains it’s moisture better than most so it won’t mush out on your greens. He then went on to pick another variety that works perfect on a piece of bruschetta with mozzarella and olive oil… SOLD! Then came the detailed instructions in how deep to plant, prune, and size of planter/hog wire to use for stabilizing each plant for it’s anticipated size.

As was walking home with the plants, a neighbor down the block saw me and said “ah, looks like you’ve been by Kyle’s!”.

                             Kyle working on his many different varieties of tomato starters

Ok, so maybe I’m the last to know about Kyle Winslow’s Nightshade Nursery on Beach Drive. Just in case I’m not, this young man is a great source for answering any questions you may have for what toms to plant this year … and send you off with a few plants to put in the ground!


Scupper, reporting for Beach Drive Blog

Can You Dig It? Roses Available at Beach Drive Home

This Saturday, the home with the lovely rose garden  at 61st and Beach Drive is allowing you to dig up their roses from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm for a suggested donation of $10. It is suggested that you bring your own shovel, pick, pruners and buckets.  

This event is sponsored by the Mary-Martha Bible Study Circle of Hope Lutheran Church.

For more information, visit the West Seattle Blog.

Canna Lily in Grey Sky

This photo was taken on Monday at dusk.Dsc_0179

The Smelliest Flower on Beach Drive

If you’re walking past the 4700 area of Beach Drive and get a terrible whiff; someone did not leave out their rotting garbage, it’s simply a scent of the Voodoo Lily.   This one just blossomed this morning…don’t worry, the flower only lasts (along with the odor) for a few days!   Be glad this photo isn’t "scratch and sniff"!


Clematis and Hydrangea

I walk past this pretty purple flower every day with my dog.


The hydrangea is in our yard.


Winter Pompous Grass


Another photo from December 1, 2007.   Do you have a winter or holiday photo you would like to share?  Let me know!

Anna’s Hummingbird


This little fella was singing in our garden this morning.


I think he’s happy about his fresh sugar water in his feeder for Thanksgiving!


Happy HOLLY-days

One neighbors major pruning can be another neighbors holiday arrangement.   The Burkholders, owners of Screamer Hats (we could all wear a Screamer Hat today–brrrr) say the neighbors are welcome to prune some holly from their downed holly tree.    You’ll find this tree near the south end of Emma Schmitz Memorial Viewpoint.


Happy Thanksgiving to your family from ours!

Don’t Forget to Fall Back


Just a reminder to turn your clocks back one hour tonight before you go to bed.