Eeewww…what’s that smell?

Why it’s the Voodoo Lily (aka Dragon Lily) of course!   We have several in our yard…I noticed that one had bloomed yesterday afternoon when my nose picked up the distinct smell of rotting meat.    


For more information on this pretty (smelly) plant, check out these websites:

If you decide to add this to your garden, I suggest planting it away from your doors and patios!   


  1. Katherine says

    When I first moved to this house over twenty years ago, I found several of these growing. I was told they bloomed only every so many years – don’t remember the periodocity. But I have found that mine bloom seldom. This year is a bloom year. I was also advised that if I want them near a path, to plant them in a pot that can be moved away while odiferous.

  2. We’ve lived her for two years and have had the diSTINCT pleasure of having our plant bloom twice now (annually).

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