This guy is waiting for his pizza…


It’s funny…one of the post BDB has received most comments on from readers is about pizza preferences.   This will be my first time trying Garlic Jims.   I have ordered the Chicken BBQ for my son…and since I’m trying to shed a few pounds (I tried to talk him out of pizza tonight, and being the sap of a mom I am), I ordered the spinach artichoke with thin crust.    What pushed us over was Isaac’s comment on the original post.   Isaac, we’re counting on you!

This heron sat on a neighbors fence for hours this morning.   Maybe my neighbors eat small fish for breakfast and the heron was waiting for some leftovers?  He never changed position much.   I’d check every once in while between phone calls and emails (work).    It was a nice amusing break in my day.   

Update:  My son like’s the pizza, his first word was "Wow" and then… that he thinks the thick crust is too thick.   Since I’m just starting a diet…I’m too crabby to talk about food.  It was pretty good.  Lots of garlic (I picked my cloves off).

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