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Garlicjims_3 I was contemplating ordering pizza from Garlic Jim’s tonight when my son protested wanting to stick with our ol’ favorite standby, Pagliacci Pizza.

Since my son was hankering for Pagliacci, I never discovered…Pagliacci

  1. If Garlic Jim’s delivers?  And if so…to Beach Drive.
  2. If their pizza is anywhere near as good as Pagliacci’s.

Pagliacci not only delivered my pizza and salad on time…it was free (and delish)!  It must be since we have three teens who consume a ton of pizza from Pagliacci.

Who is your pizza preference?


  1. GJ does deliver. Their area is far bigger than Pagliacci – which recently expanded a bit further south and east but still won’t make it to our home in Upper Fauntleroy. So we’ve had more GJ pizza lately than Pagliacci – we’re split as to whether it’s better. Our take is that its flavors aren’t as subtle. Worth a try though just to see how it stacks up with your pizza preferences.

  2. Natalie says

    I like the pizza at Abbondanza (sp?) but you have to go pick it up. Amante is good and they deliver.

  3. I work for that Garlic Jims
    We deliver to pretty much the entire West Seattle district (at least whenever I answer the phone)
    It starts to get a little deep after Arbor Heights but if its a slow day then we will be more then happy to deliver there.
    I also worked at Pagliacci too and I have to admit that their pizzas are EXTREMELY good
    The difference between Garlic Jim’s pizza and Pagliacci’s pizza is that Garlic Jim’s pizza will definately fill you up more… after two slices you should be completely full (of at least for me)… also, Garlic Jim’s has a lot more variety in the types of pizzas you can order… they all have their pros and cons but I’d choose Garlic Jims over Pagliacci, personally…

  4. Okay, Isaac…I just ordered some Garlic Jim’s Pizza. I’ll report back!

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