How to Make a Hanging Moss Flower Basket

We inherited two metal hanging baskets when we moved into our home from the previous owner.   They’re over sized and have been great fun for creating a moss hanging baskets.    I’m not an expert at this…I know we have several gardening experts that would be much better at providing plant guidance than I (hint hint).

Since I just took this project on…I thought I would share it with you.   It seems like the moss baskets last about a year or two and then you mImg_4958ay need to start over from scratch.   Which is what I did last weekend.

Although there was some "life left" in the basket, it was in need of an overhaul.  I was able to keep the ivy, fuchsia and other plants that were still alive to reuse in the fresh basket.

Many wire baskets do not have the large spaces that Img_4959_2ours have…so it’s tricky trying to keep everything from falling out, or as my husband says "having a blow out".    I use sheet moss, it literally looks like a small moss blanket or sheet.   There are also other options available.    I soak the moss, squeezing out the excess water and begin by lining the bottom of the basket with the moss.

I have all of my plants ready for assembling in a nearby Img_4960handy location.  How many plants you use will depend on how big basket is and you don’t want to crowd them.    Once you have your moss lining the bottom third of the basket without any gaps showing, you can add your potting soil.   

Then you gently lay your plants creating the bottom layer of your plants.    Next you repeat the moss process Img_4961again by adding another layer off moss and a little dirt.   Add more trailing plants (I like to stagger the layers).   Simple!   Save a nice plant for the top, like a geranium.

Moss baskets tend to need extra watering and fertilizer.     I’ll have to post an "after" picture this summer when the baskets are in full bloom.

My next garden project is going to be figuring out what to do with our flax pots at our Img_4962porch.  We have two and I’ve managed to butcher them pretty well.   One poked me in my eye last year, and I’ve been a bit unforgiving.    Since then, I always try to wear my sunglasses when I’m gardening.

If you need plants this weekend, you can check out the West Seattle Garden Plant Sale taking place today and tomorrow until 3:00 pm at the Senior Center.

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