Free Extra Yard Waste Pickup this Month

Don’t forget! If you currently have yard waste pick up through the City of Seattle, you can dispose of additional leaves/yard waste during the month of November.

Free extra yard waste pickup in November

Extra yard waste fees are not charged in November, when customers are asked to keep fall leaves out of drains to reduce the risk of flooding. Households can put out up to 10 bags of extra yard waste per collection day for free from November 1 to 30.

Please note that this free service is only available to customers who are currently billed for regular food and yard waste collection.

The Hallberg Memorial Bench

Hi Rhonda, I meant to send you this long ago. Here is a bit about the memorial benches and a story Ada wrote. Please use any or all if it fits for the blog. As ever, thanks for all you do. Sincerely, Tia

My folks dear neighbor Ed Marcus arranged for a memorial for Ada and Bob Hallberg; both of them did a lot to build community, preserve our natural spaces and the history of the area.  Their memorial bench sits on Beach Drive at the foot of Jacobsen road and next to another memorial bench for a significant community activist, Suzy King. Ada and Suzy, worked to gather community involvement and support so that together they could preserve the green spaces and unobstructed views of the water that we all can enjoy today as we walk and drive along beach drive. Weather watch park, Mee Kwa mooks and more only exist today because people came together on an issue they agreed upon and they made it happen. The activism by my mother, Ada, Suzy and others made a difference. And their likemindedness override their differences. Ada’s description of “This Peaceful Spot” reminds us of the joy of having public access to the treasured beauty that surrounds us here.

This Peaceful Spot by Ada Hallberg
With my head down, I push along the rocky beach near Alki Lighthouse. A surge of the southwest wind is invigorating. I press my hands into my pocket as I plunge along. Out of the bay crisp caps of white froth appear like beaten egg whites. On the brink of the clear waves they foam against crystal water.
This is the beautiful picture I took for granted in my childhood. In my adulthood, as well – this incomparably beautiful sight, set off by the Olympic Mountains and the forest across the smooth calm of Puget Sound.
I feel the full strength of the wind as I round the Point — or, Constellation Park.
Carefully I cross the clay outcropping that folds, one over the other, even more exposed than they were ten years ago. Then, University of Washington Professor Dixie Lee Ray would often stand on the outcroppings in any kind of weather, lecturing her class on the beach’s biological and geological features:
“The crust of the earth is layered; it can fold up, it can buckle, and sometimes the parts beneath become exposed.” As one of her listeners, I wondered: was she talking about the clay? I had intended to phone her about that.
At 63rd Street I climb from the beach onto some large, black rocks; it is easy to step on one then another, until I get up to the sidewalk. I walk along and the beach is not within my view because the houses and apartments are close together.
After a half dozen blocks of walking on the sidewalk, I squeeze back down to the beach at Andover Street, using an obscured path in an overgrown area past a holly tree and over a pile of chopped wood.
I feel that I have intruded into a private space, although a few years ago the Grad family and Fred Fletcher bought this beach property and assured access for the public.
There used to be a spot on the beach here, somewhere, a bit sheltered in the wind. Ahh, yes, here it is: a quiet pool of water behind this log. Wait a minute! What is this? The body of a dead seagull in great disarray is floating, its neck all askew, its body bloated, its feathers discolored and matted. A rusty can with a partially attached label. At first I start to examine… Ohh, what’s the use!
Deliberately I look away towards the north. In my sight a davenport is sitting on the beach among the sand and rocks. Kelp is wrapping around the arm, some draped across the back; pillows are following off.
Waves dully roll in, now close to shore. There is a lethargy about these waves: the clearness gone from their crests; with slumped shoulders they push in. I turn my back and make my way to the sidewalk. Soon I will be at my destination, Carroll Street and Beach Drive. It is only a mile from where I began my walk at the lighthouse. I look forward to sitting in the small cove at the foot of Carroll Street, across from the Rustica Restaurant.
Finally arriving, I walk down to the small comfortable beach and lie among the logs. This 150 feet of waterfront is still open to the public, and most of us think it always will be; though we may be wrong about that. But for now, I will enjoy this peaceful spot.

Thanks Neighbors!

Last Tuesday night, Angeline Street closed for neighbors to spend some time together for the annual Seattle Night Out event. It was a wonderful potluck with games and shaved ice for the kids.

We even had a visit from a Seattle Police Officer and Southwest Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator, Jennifer Danner.

Thank you so much to the Halbergs and all who organized the event and to all the neighbors who participated.

I hope your neighborhood had a chance to celebrate neighbors as well… and of course, we don’t need to wait for the first Tuesday in August to get together, do we?

By the way, this is the only photo I took during the gathering!

Take care, Neighbors!

Hit and Run

UPDATE: Video from a neighbor shows this happened around 1:36 AM on Friday morning. Please check your video to see if you have anything you can share with the neighbor whose vehicle was struck.

Sometime last night or early this morning, a car struck a dark grey Toyota 4-Runner on the west side of the 4700 Block of Beach Drive.

We are assuming that whoever struck the vehicle probably has damage to their passenger side.

If you have any information on who may have done this, please contact us.

Thank you!

Car beached at Cormorant Cove Park

We were alerted this morning by a Beach Drive neighbor, “Indie Mike”, that a vehicle was on the beach at Cormorant Cove Park.

Another Beach Drive neighbor who was passing by informed me that earlier in the morning, a tow truck was on the scene with fire and rescue to try to remove the car. Their was a huge emergency response around 6:10 am.

The vehicle seems to be lodged on rocks.

Low tide is 3.2 feet at 10:06 am.

When we first heard about this incident, we assumed that perhaps the ramp along the condos was how the car accessed the beach. Apparently, the driver opted for the sidewalk and plowed through the grass.

We don’t know if it was trying to catch the Walla Walla or why someone drove the car through the park. We hope everyone is okay.

It’s Seattle’s Fault

Well actually, it’s the Seattle fault-line that has attracted all the recent research vessels off of Beach Drive lately. Both the UW and NOAA have been busy documenting the increasing number of methane plumes in this area.

“Several more fissures and severe uplifting have occurred since inadvertently discovering large plumes of methane bubbles in 2011”, according to UW’s Professor of Seismology Roy Hinkley.

An early study suggested that the bubbles in Puget Sound might be coming up from this underlying subduction zone. In mapping these plumes, it became clear that large numbers that were aligned along geologic fault zones known as the Seattle, Tacoma and South Whidbey faults. But the greatest number of plumes occurred where the faults intersects, such as off Alki Point in West Seattle.

Most recently, research vessels using remotely operated vehicles have discovered dramatic uplifting formations along the southern edge of the Seattle Faultline which runs roughly from Emma Schmitz View Point to Restoration Point on Bainbridge Island.

A Seattle based spokesperson for NOAA, Natalie Schafer, said that NOAA is busy surveying seafloor depths and updating NOAA marine charts. “At the rate of subduction uplifting, we may see small islets formations cropping up between Blakely Rock and Alki Point in the next 20 years”.

The most recently updated NOAA chart now reveals the budding islands.

Depths shown in feet.

Move over, Blake Island! You’ll have company soon.

Scupper, reporting for BDB.

And now, a word from our Sponsor

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Thanks for the mention, Redfin!

Recently Julia Weaver from Redfin published “What is Seattle known for? 22 Ways to Get to Know the Emerald City” and our tiny blog was featured.

““The neighborhood along Beach Drive features several marine parks that are easily accessible from Constellation, Commorant Cove, Emma Schmitz View Point to Lincoln Park,” says writer Rhonda Porter at The Beach Drive Blog. “Cormorant Cove has a beach where people launch kayaks and paddle boards and leave small treasures for others to find. It’s not unusual to see people lined up with their binoculars to watch Orcas from Emma Schmitz, and Lincoln Park is a jewel on its own with a saltwater swimming pool and trails to explore.”

Check out the rest of the article for the other 21 things to know about our beautiful city!


Gunshots Last Night

Some neighbors who live on the 5000 block of Beach Drive are reporting hearing 405 gunshots last night (Friday, January 20, 2023) around 8:35 pm.

If you live between 5000-5100 blocks of Beach Drive, neighbors are asking you to please check your outdoor security cameras around that time and share any additional information with the SPD.



Barking Dog Report: Gale Watch through Late Tuesday Night

We had a heck of a storm today with waves that just didn’t seem to stop. Some neighbors agree that it’s one of the worst storms they have ever witnessed living on Beach Drive with the waves and wind.

Tomorrow’s forecast looks like it could be more severe that what we experienced today with gusts predicted up to 50 mph around 4:00 pm.

High tide is an est. 12.90 feet at around 8:39 AM; about when the winds are predicted to start shifting to more south – southwest with estimated gusts of around 40 and heading higher.

From Wind Alert as of 3:30 p.m. today.

Puget Sound Marine forecast has not been updated since this morning.

Puget Sound and Hood Canal-
852 AM PST Mon Dec 26 2022


E wind 5 to 15 kt rising to 25 to 35 kt after midnight. Wind waves 2 ft or less building to 5 to 7 ft after midnight. Rain.

TUE  S wind 25 to 35 kt. Wind waves 5 to 7 ft. Rain.

TUE NIGHT   SW wind 20 to 30 kt. Wind waves 5 to 7 ft.


So bottom line, this is a “barking dog” report. If tomorrow is anything like today, we anticipate that homes along Beach Drive may be dealing with waves coming over. Stay safe, Neighbors!