Damage to the Blue Glass House’s Art

We were driving along Alki this afternoon when we were surprised to see that the beautiful blue glass tree has been knocked down.

We have no idea why or how this happened…just saddened to see it in this state.

Hopefully it can be repaired and upright soon for all to enjoy.


  1. debra charles says

    To all our beach family we are truly saddened by the loss of our 13 year old bottle tree. We do not known who why or what happened. Having lived here my entire life with my loving family it breaks our Alki ♥️’s We believe in our beautiful wonderful peaceful neighborhood. We will carry on and love all our neighbors blue bottle onward ????

  2. Debra Charles says

    Our hearts were broken last night ….Who would do this? We are “Alki ” our truly special blue bottle tree was ? smashed last night on the blue moon. We have lived here our entire life and believe in love,peace and have a good happy life….. we love ❤️ all our neighbors and beach ?….Still in shock about it we will rebuild soon. The spirit of the blue bottle tree is to bring good luck and happiness when you look into the blue glass. It has done that for us these 13 years. And we know for others from there beautiful letters and cards from all over the world.

  3. I feel extra sad that it was vandalism and somehow not an accident. I wonder if any neighbors have cameras that might have caught the vandals?

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