Lost Dog: Have you seen Zuki; UPDATE – ZUKI IS HOME

UPDATE: Great news – Zuki is back home with his humans. 🙂


I live in the Gatewood neighborhood and we lost one of our dogs over the weekend. We had 2 confirmed sightings just north of Lincoln Park and he appeared to be walking along beach drive at one point. I was wondering if you could post on the blog for people in the area to keep an eye out. Thank you!

Male, Black and Tan, Shiba Inu named Zuki. He is 20 pounds wearing a black collar with a Seahawks ID tag. He is missing the tip of his right ear and is microchipped. Last seen just north of Lincoln Park around 10:30am 9/20/16. He is very shy and will run so please don’t chase. If you see him call 2068508799. Thank you!



  1. I will keep my eyes open. My franci got away and we found her after a bit of a search! Franci and Janice

  2. Did you find your baby???

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