Great day for a beach cleanup

 A dozen or so folks from a young organization named Operation Sound Beach stormed public beaches along Beach Drive this afternoon.  The group is centered out of Snohomish County and mentioned that this is as far south as they’ve been… so far.  If you happen to pass by them this afternoon, please give them your appreciation for the fine volunteer work!

Operation Sound Beach is a citizen-volunteer task force founded and based with the objective of maintaining the purity, cleanliness and uninterrupted beauty of our beaches up and down the Puget Sound coast line. We are not affiliated with any political or religious agenda. We do not hold restrictions over volunteer membership. We are simply Puget Sound citizens taking care of our beloved Puget Sound communities. Long Live Sound Beach!

IMG 1577
OSB tackles the beach at Emma Schmitz Overlook. Thanks!!

Scupper reporting for Beach Drive Blog

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