Beach Drive dog finds “Spirit Log”

Found this great carving while walking along the waterfront path at Lincoln Park. Scupper Jr’s  natural pull to the beach (which of course, I fully resist) landed us here…

IMG 1165
Disclaimer: Said dog never set a paw on highly enforced beach or artwork/graffiti depending on who’s side you’re on per WSB post.

While this particular carving has been fully documented on West Seattle Blog, a long time resident of Beach Drive informed me that as recent as 3 or 4 years ago he’s has seen several of what he calls “spirit logs” wash up on our local beaches north of Lincoln Park.  He went on to say that he… 

“heard there were many but disapeared over time. People,sand and tide moved them.”

A quick Google search uncovered another driftwood carving found near the water in Port Townsend…

Photo courtesy of Dr John’s Journal

I’m squarely in the camp of welcoming these native style carvings onto our beaches. Reminds me of the native heritage of the land we now call home!

Scupper, for Beach Drive Blog 

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