Missing something??

This is the time of year when we see detached mooring buoys take a cruise along the shores of Beach Drive. The combo of newly grown kelp, sea-critters and extreme Spring tides will test for any weak links in a mooring system. 

Anyone want to claim this one? Found off our place on Thursday's extreme low tide… 


Before adding the tug of your boat to your float, might be a good idea to examine the shape of your gear. I was a bit nervous putting my 17 foot fishing boat out in early May for the Spot Shrimp season so employed Alpha Marine Installations to dive down and take a look. They've installed several systems along the "Drive" and will periodically offer to do a complete inspection and cleaning for $200. Pretty cheap insurance considering the alternative!

Is that another loose ball I see floating down the drive? This one's just off the south end of Emma Schmitz park.

Red arrow marks the location


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