Low Tide plus Sunny Day = the Moon Snail Poacher (or is she just harvesting)

She's back stocking her bag full.   I first noticed her collecting shells on Emma Schmitz Park, however she has since moved south to private property along Beach Drive.

This person is frequently along these shores illegally harvesting moon snail shells.   Here's a link to a previous post with more information about the violation and who to call when you see poaching.

People who have lived in this area for a long time will tell you how the shores used to be stocked with shells.  Harvesting, especially someone as active and consistant as this lady, has diminished this sea-life.

Let's hope she's not selling this to a restaurant.

Update 12:30: check out her full bag of loot…and she's still looking for more.


Update 1:30 pm.   Another concerned neighbor contacted the SPD who did meet this lady on the beach.  This is out of the SPD's jurisdiction however she did cooperate and show the Officer that all of the shells are empty.   He instructed her to contact the Fish and Wildlife Department to confirm whether or not removing empty moon snail shells from a marine reserve is legal. 

We hope to do a follow up post on whether or not the removal of empty shells from Emma Schmitz (or a marine reserve) is legal.


  1. seaLife Photographer says

    i was photographing moon snail shells and Fish/Wildlife officer told me to stop, as he informed me that i was interfering with its life-cycle. he said you cant pick them up or take them off the beach!

  2. sealife photographer, where and when did this happen?

  3. I think if the shells are empty, they wouldn’t have a problem, but you never know. She shouldn’t be doing that in the first place.

  4. Garage Sale Pricing, I’m actually pretty sure it’s not legal to remove anything from a marine preserve. I think the park needs some signage.

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