Keep an Eye Out for “Clam Diggers” on the Beach

West Seattle Blog reports that digging up 100+ clams on the beaches along Beach Drive.   Not only is this unhealthy, it's illegal and needs to be reported to the proper authorites.  Be on the lookout for a copper/gold Suburban-type SUV with plate starting with 861, blue and white cooler.

Update 8:30 pm: catch the rest of the story at West Seattle Blog.

This is from a concerned BDB Reader who contacted officials while dealing with a moon-shell harverster (who has been seen as recent as this week back on the beach poaching shells).

Emma Schmitz Park is a City of Seattle designated Marine Reserve, AND a Washington State Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) designated Marine Preserve. City rules ask that people not remove anything from the beach.  WDFW Marine Preserve designation make removing anything from the beach a misdemeanor.  This encompasses the area from high tide to minus 4.5 (extreme low water).
I have the new 2009 Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Fishing in Washington guide, which contains all the sport fishing and harvesting rules.  We are in Marine Area 10, found on p.114. This states there is no harvesting at Marine Preserves. You can get these at no cost from most sporting goods stores.
You can also find this information on line, but it's confusing navigating through all the WDFW options.  I've attached the page in the Fishing Regulations from the website.  Scroll through the attachment to find Marine Area 10.
You can call State Patrol for violations in progress, and you may also call the WDFW Bellevue office.  Please let me know if you would like me to get the phone numbers for you.
Thank you for your concern for our beautiful parks and the animals that live in Puget Sound.
Please let me know if you need more information.
Please come out and visit with Beach Naturalists in the area on low tide summer weekends, if you can.  I'm attaching a flyer.  Beach Naturalists do a lot of educating about why we don't take any materials except trash from our beaches.
Janice Mathisen
Seattle Aquarium
206 386-4365

Harvest violations?

State Patrol  (for violation in progress) for Richmond Beach and Seahurst Park call (206)464-6610.  Washington Dept of Fish and Wildlife: Individuals that witness and would like to report a violation, can call toll-free 1-877-933-9847, or 1-800-477-6224 for wild animal encounters.

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