FOUND: Lost Dog Alert: Have You Seen Zoey?

March 4, 2010 Update:

Zoey is back!!!! 
After 10 days of driving all over the area, racing to sightings, running down the beach in high heels and checking traps morning, noon and night, I finally caught the Yorkie who thinks she is a mountain dog. 
Not sure what I will do with her after I give her a spa treatment and spay her, but for now she is safe in my kitchen.  Now maybe I can get a night's sleep.  Thanks to everyone who sent wishes. 
The help of the people along Beach Drive and in West Seattle in general was amazing. The West Seattle Blog and the Beach Drive Blog which spread the word, Lara and Jan checked traps, all the folks who called in sightings, and Pam the cat trapper who leant me her traps all made me feel more a part of this neighborhood than I have in 20 years.

Zoey is a Yorkie/Shia Zsu mix and was last seen in the Beach Drive neighborhood.   From West Seattle Blog:

Her owners ask that you please check under your cars and in shrubs, etc.  Zoey's been away from home for almost a week.

Thanks to West Seattle Blog for making us aware of this missing pet.

10:48 AM UPDATE FROM ZOEY'S OWNER:  She has been hanging out for the past two days at the homes on the west side of Beach Drive at the base of Atlas.  Also across the road under a tree with a bunch of "junk".  I have set a trap and with any luck animal contral will set a trap as well.  If anyone finds her,, she has to be cornered as she is a rescue and very skittish.  Anything you or anyone can do is greatly appreciated.

MARCH 4, 2010 UPDATE:  DO NOT FEED YORKIE ON BEACH DRIVE.  We are trying to trap her and she needs to be hungry to go in the trap.  Seen every morning around 10-11  between 5300 and 6400 Beach Drive. Please call 715-8818 if you spot her so we know location.   Reward to favorite charity if you catch her.

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