Night Time Clam Poaching?

Did anyone notice a couple of people on the beach last night around 10ish with what appeared to be clam shovels and big buckets, digging by a lantern?


This (poor) photo was taken along the beach in front of Emma Schmitz Park.   Shellfish in this area are toxic and the beach is a City of Seattle and a Washington State Fish and Marine Wildlife Preserve–removing anything from this area is illegal.

Earlier this year, West Seattle Blog reported on illegal clam digging in this area where the poachers were caught harvesting hundreds of clams.

I'm hoping this something else other than what it appeared to be on a dark December night with a very low tide.   Did you see anything?


  1. a few weeks ago I read an article in the times [i think it was the times] about someone who was observing nightime tide pools at low tide in that area. also technically a person can legally eat allthe clams and oysters [on the halfshell] that they want as long as they do it on the beach. maybe go ask them yourself instead of wasting a wdfw officers overtime.

  2. Seth, it would be great if you could provide a link to your story.

    In addition, all along that beach those clams are considered toxic–there are signs everywhere.

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