Found Cat by LaRustica

Stray kitty
I live at about 4100 Beach Drive (Near La Rustica), and tonight at about midnight I found a darling little cat on my front porch. He/she is very loving and seems well cared for, but no collar. I went back inside, leaving the cat outside, thinking he/she would wander back home. But, no, the cat stayed on my porch looking through the window, and then settled onto one of my porch chairs. I'm hoping you can help me find the owner, since the cat is too well cared for to think it's been on the street for long.
Alas, I can't keep the cat for any length of time. I am allergic to cats, and I have an adopted rescue dog, who has only been in my home for a few months…so the darling cat won't work as a temporary or permanent addition.

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