Are You Missing a Dog Bowl and Stainless Yard Lights?

Looks like someone ditched these items at 4717 Beach Drive in West Seattle.  They are sitting in the shrubry if they belong to you.



  1. Kathy Johnston says

    Thanks Rhonda
    The yard lights belong to us
    Kathy and Bill

  2. Hi Kathy, do you have any idea who might have done this?

  3. Kathy Johnston says

    We have no idea who did this. It appears to have happened the same time as our next door neighbors’ concrete embedded hard wired lighting was removed and the whole heavy assembly placed behind their car. The vandals were probably thinking that they would back up over the metal and concrete lighting damaging their car. Along with all the unsavory characters coming to our door trying to sell things without any identification when asked, a car prowl of a friend of our daughters with broken windows to get a gym bag, and then this, one wonders what is happening to our neighborhood.

    Kathy and Bill

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