It’s Beach Drive Blogs 2nd Anniversary

Our first post started with this post and it's interesting to see what has changed and what has not.  I would still love to have other contributors from around the Beach Drive neighborhood.  We're located smack dab in the middle and to have folks reporting from the north and south ends would be very helpful. 

Beach Drive Blog mark's it's 2nd birthday with 775 posts!  

I would like to thank our readers, those of you who contribute via writing articles or emailing tips and by participating with your comments.   Thank you all!


  1. Happy birthday!!!! Where DOES the time go?

  2. Thanks, TR. It’s amazing how quickly time goes by… sadly, we lost our cat to cancer who’s featured on the banner. 🙁

  3. Sandi Repetowski says

    Happy Birthday and thanks for all your efforts on our community’s behalf! I’ll work at contributing to the blog this year!

  4. Sandi–that would be wonderful! I’ll have to get you a BDB press badge 😉

  5. Cat Woman LOVES Beach Drive Blog! Happy Birthday and good job!

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