Beach Drive Neighbors in “the News”

Kind of a stretch to call this news…but…at Beach Drive Blog, a “slow news” day is happily the norm.  The Seattle PI recently addressed the removal of mailboxes in Seattle that are receiving less than 25 pieces of mail a day…yours truly along with other neighbors were quoted here.

Regardless of our feelings, the mailbox at Beach Drive and Jacobsen is gone.   The USPS states this is cost-saving move:

“Fewer boxes mean fewer gas-guzzling trips to pick up the mail and fewer carriers to empty the boxes.”

It seems to me that the mail carriers who currently service our neighborhood could have easily stopped by to pick up “less than 25 pieces of mail” each day eliminating the other mail carrier that serviced that mail box.

Could be time to invest in a locking mail box, if you don’t have one all ready.

UPSP also needs to update their website with where the nearest collection boxes are.

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