The Perfect Christmas Present: A Place on the Statue of Liberty Plaza

This message is from Libby Carr:Tugboat Mtns w Statue

When we had the big Plaza Celebration Day on September 6th, about 50+ people had expressed their regrets for having missed out on getting a brick in the new Plaza.  With those requests, we knew there would be many more to come so we decided to open sales up again and create a Maintenance Fund that would be dedicated to maintaining this place at Alki Beach.

Well, to date, the numbers have proved that a correct assumption with 343 new bricks being sold, 5 Tribute Plaques being spoken for and so far raising approximately $45,000 in this new phase of fundraising.

Tribute Plaques:  This category was driven by a request from an old family friend (of Libby's) for a bench on the plaza to honor his son who had been killed by a drunk driver many years ago.  He thought this place with its views of all places his son loved would be a perfect place to remember him.  So, he wanted something special for that purpose.  Unfortunately, we were completely out of benches.

As an alternative, we thought up the idea of a Tribute Plaque.  Designer Matt Hutchins and Project Manager Patrick Donohue decided to place them in the concrete strip (poured in 15 sections) which borders the promenade on the water side entrance of the plaza.   My friend was quite satisfied with that solution to his request.

We have now only 10 plaques left to sell before December 31, 2008.  Please consider what a great gift this can be to honor loved ones or to express yourself and your love for Alki Beach.  The plaque is the same size as all other plaques in the plaza and is $2000.

Closeup Brick Sale Sign Christmas Brick Special:  Back because of popular demand is the Christmas Brick Special == 3 bricks for the price of 2 with the basic price being $200 per brick.  So, you will get 3 bricks for $200 for this special.  Take advantage of this super Christmas present that will not disappoint, or disappear – ever, because it's case in concrete.

People were very creative in the first phase with what they had inscribed on their bricks.  Go to, click on the MAP link and you will get a 33 page PDF file where you can read all 1503 inscriptions on laid on the plaza.  This will give you plenty inspiration and ideas on what you might put on your brick(s) in this final phase of brick sales.  Take advantage of this opportunity because at the end of this year, this sale will be over.   You have my word on that one!

Time Capsule:  This is your opportunity to literally become a part of Alki History.  The Log House Museum is collecting the writings, photos, objects and ideas for the new Time Capsule that will be placed in the plaza probably in April 2009. 

In talking with Andrea Mercado of the LHM, we thought it would be wonderful to have people write a short story (several paragraphs) telling people in the future about your life now here at Alki.  Why do you live here?  What are your values and just share your own life's story from the big picture to the mundane, albeit briefly.  Or maybe you have plenty of other ideas on what might be of interest to people 50 years in the future.  Remember, now is your chance to really be part of history.  Great pains will be taken to preserve the contents so water doesn't get in to destroy the contents.

Thanks so much for whatever contributions you are able to give towards the Maintenance Fund.  If you have any questions, please call or email me.

Libby Carr 206-938-8721

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